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Zilele Bicazului 2015 - Seniori

Last update 31.10.2015 12:12:04, Creator/Last Upload: sebastian volcinsche

Starting rank

1IMadin Ovidiu-Andrei1214993ROU1776Cs Cimentul Bicaz
2IPaslariu Ionel1240838ROU1744Cs Cimentul Bicaz
3IHuma Ioan1232371ROU1737Cs Cimentul Bicaz
4IRanceanu Ilie1231650ROU1623Cs Cimentul Bicaz
5IICiocan Pavel1232363ROU1608Clubul De Sah Bicazul Bicaz
6IIPascu Mihai1231634ROU1529Cs Cimentul Bicaz
7IIGavrilas Florin1234030ROU1510Cs Cimentul Bicaz
8IGotu Sorin1231600ROU1509Clubul De Sah Bicazul Bicaz
9IITifui Vasile1231677ROU1419Cs Cimentul Bicaz
10IIRusu Eugen-Vlad1252100ROU1381Cs Cimentul Bicaz
11IIConstandache Maria-Alexandra1245635ROU1233Clubul De Sah Bicazul Bicaz
12Dascalu Bogdan1244914ROU1001Clubul De Sah Bicazul Bicaz
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