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Campionat Sub16 Territorial Lleida 2009

Last update 09.03.2009 17:31:20, Creator/Last Upload: jordi chalmeta ugas

Starting rank

1Coll Ortega JordiESP2306Bal
2Frances Cuscullola OriolESP2082Lle
3Nieto Farreny FrancescESP2043Bnv
4Coll Ortega CristinaESP2017Bal
5Farre Potrony AlexESP1974Bal
6Ramoneda Rumi GiselaESP1971Bal
7Mas Gene OriolESP1964Bnv
8Santamaria Bonet MarcESP1908Bnv
9Utrilla IbaƱez GerardESP1788Lle
10Arno Bendicho XeniaESP1770Bnv