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2015 Witney Congress: Major

Last update 19.10.2015 14:47:42, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1Cole James168Magdalen College
2Collard Armell E165Welllington
3Neatherway A Philip165Oxford 4ncl
4Staniforth Matthew162Didcot
5Gentry Alan E159Witney
6Cole Graham156Magdalen College
7O Gorman Brendan153Dhss
8Beckett Richard151Bicester
9Papier Alan151Clifton
10Varney Daniel151Cumnor
11Homer Neil S149E2e4
12Stevens Gareth146Cumnor
13Livesey R Nigel145Marple
14Sivarajasingam Shayanna143Cardiff
15Sivarajasingam Venetia143Cardiff
16Sheremetyeva Elizaveta141Witney
17Bush Ian139Magdalen College
18Craggs Steve T144Cowley
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