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FIDE World Rapid Championship 2015

Last update 12.10.2015 20:25:48, Creator/Last Upload: deutscher schachbund

Final Ranking crosstable after 15 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.Rd12.Rd13.Rd14.Rd15.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
1GMCarlsen Magnus2847NOR 74b½113w1 78b1 80w1 16b½ 50w½ 22b1 24w1 2b½ 3w1 18b1 8w1 4b½ 6w½ 10b½11,52723130,50,02917
2GMNepomniachtchi Ian2789RUS116w1 87b1100w1 26b½ 50w½ 19b½ 33w1 7b1 1w½ 18b0 6w½ 29b1 44w1 12b½ 4w½10,52712129,00,02849
3GMRadjabov Teimour2741AZE 58w1 56b½ 61w½ 55b0 98w1 27b1 23w1 19b1 17w1 1b0 52w½ 13b½ 5w1 8b1 11w½10,52681128,50,02822
4GMDominguez Perez Leinier2749CUB 69b1 51w½ 39b½ 15w0116b1 54w½108b1 46w½ 35b1 38w1 10b1 5b½ 1w½ 18w1 2b½10,52673126,00,02813
5GMBocharov Dmitry2577RUS 10w0148b1 12w0143b1 70w1 60b1 44w1 68b1 18w0 34b1 31b1 4w½ 3b0 42w1 6b½10,02712125,00,02819
6GMKramnik Vladimir2798RUS127b½ 74w1 15b½ 96w½ 87b1 46w1 16b½ 50w1 9b½ 29w1 2b½ 18w½ 8b½ 1b½ 5w½10,02696128,50,02813
7GMOnischuk Vladimir2692UKR101b1 92w0109b1 81w1 40b1 42w½ 64b1 2w0 10b0 43w1 22b½ 50w1 16b1 24w½ 12w½10,02696122,00,02809
8GMIvanchuk Vassily2835UKR 45b1 15w½ 23b½ 17w0 88b1108w1 78b½ 51w1 22b1 16w1 9b1 1b0 6w½ 3w0 35b110,02690130,00,02804
9GMKovalenko Igor2687LAT123w1 79b0125w1 72b1 31b½ 15w½ 53w1 43b1 6w½ 19b1 8w0 12b0 17w1 13b½ 29w110,02686124,00,02800
10GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2784AZE 5b1 54w½ 77b1 51w1 14b½ 16w0 26w1 13b½ 7w1 52b½ 4w0 60b1 11w½ 44b1 1w½10,02676130,00,02791
11GMVachier-Lagrave Maxime2756FRA 81b1 77w½ 54b1 14w0 51b0 65w1 59b½ 78w1 46b1 42w½ 15b1 16w½ 10b½ 21w1 3b½10,02673122,50,02792
12GMInarkiev Ernesto2733RUS 48b½109w½ 5b1 39w½ 77b½ 56w1 17b0 54w1 96b1 14w½ 40b1 9w1 18b½ 2w½ 7b½10,02648125,00,02767
13GMKhismatullin Denis2574RUS 31b½ 43w0146b1 36w1 37b1117w1 42b½ 10w½ 62b½ 25w1 16b½ 3w½ 24b½ 9w½ 18b½9,52737127,00,02805
14GMKasimdzhanov Rustam2619UZB145w1 71w½ 90b1 11b1 10w½ 63b½ 43w½ 29b½ 34w½ 12b½ 19w1 44b0 52w½ 68b1 24w½9,52735123,50,02803
15GMMalakhov Vladimir2662RUS143w1 8b½ 6w½ 4b1 33w½ 9b½ 82w1 34b½ 19w0 63b1 11w0 91b1 47w1 29b½ 22b½9,52733128,00,02811
16GMKryvoruchko Yuriy2694UKR130w1 41b1 27w1 19b½ 1w½ 10b1 6w½ 18b½ 55w1 8b0 13w½ 11b½ 7w0 38b1 25b½9,52722133,50,02804
17GMKorobov Anton2664UKR104w1139b1 19w0 8b1 71b1 24w0 12w1 63b1 3b0 31w0 38b1 22w½ 9b0 40w1 42b19,52706126,50,02781
18GMZhigalko Sergei2698BLR 37b1 83w1108b½ 57w1 92b½ 64w½ 31b1 16w½ 5b1 2w1 1w0 6b½ 12w½ 4b0 13w½9,52698130,00,02782
19GMKarjakin Sergey2805RUS 88b1 75w1 17b1 16w½ 46b1 2w½ 24b½ 3w0 15b1 9w0 14b0 54w½ 93b1 50w1 20b½9,52678128,00,02767
20GMSalem A.R. Saleh2631UAE157b1 62w1 25b½ 64w0 82w0123b0110w1140b½112w1 85b1 60w0 63b1 37w1 34b1 19w½9,52672108,50,02748
21GMFedoseev Vladimir2681RUS111b½120w½121b1 69w1 62b½ 31w0 32b½ 39w1 63w½ 47b½ 58w1 34b½ 26w1 11b0 44w19,52668117,00,02752
22GMWojtaszek Radoslaw2711POL134w1 27b0137w1 83b1 55w1 26b½ 1w0 58b1 8w0 23b1 7w½ 17b½ 56w½ 66b1 15w½9,52659123,50,02746
23GMNavara David2673CZE115w1 95b½ 8w½ 76b1 42b0 40w1 3b0 57w½ 92b1 22w0 32b0108w1 45b1 54w1 39b19,52655117,00,02740
24GMGuseinov Gadir2705AZE 26w0 86b1119w1 27b1 79w1 17b1 19w½ 1b0 29w0 60b½ 51w1 28b1 13w½ 7b½ 14b½9,52651126,50,02736
25GMAnand Viswanathan2800IND 67w1 55b1 20w½ 50b0 38w0 83b1 66w1 52b0100w1 13b0 30w½ 51b1 60w1 56b1 16w½9,52646117,50,02737
26GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi2534IND 24b1 66w1 32b1 2w½ 64b½ 22w½ 10b0 62w0 87b½ 78w½117b1 99w1 21b0 71w1 43b½9,02737120,50,02803
27IMBogdanovich Stanislav2619UKR146b1 22w1 16b0 24w0 97b1 3w0 76b1 80w1 42b0 46w½ 78b1 43w½ 35b0 99w1 66b19,02682118,00,02730
28GMAdhiban Baskaran2590IND 32b0122w1145b1 35w0114b1 78w0 99b0 76w1117b1 87w1 33b1 24w0 62b½ 47w1 31b½9,02668111,50,02717
29GMRiazantsev Alexander2716RUS121b½ 48w1 65b1 92w0 39b½ 77w1 57b1 14w½ 24b1 6b0 55w1 2w0 40b1 15w½ 9b09,02653123,00,02718
30GMKhairullin Ildar2662RUS122b1 32w½ 31b½ 43w½108b0140w½109b½ 48w½ 84b½125w1 25b½ 81w½ 92b½ 70w1 62b19,02652108,00,02712
31GMGelfand Boris2751ISR 13w½ 91b1 30w½ 52b1 9w½ 21b1 18w0 93b1 38w½ 17b1 5w0 56b½ 42b½ 39w½ 28w½9,02649124,50,02716
32GMGrischuk Alexander2846RUS 28w1 30b½ 26w0116b½ 95w1 94b½ 21w½ 60b½ 56w1 44b0 23w1 39w½ 50b0 93w1 52b19,02645116,00,02710
33GMMatlakov Maxim2705RUS120b½138w1 76b½ 88w1 15b½ 51w1 2b0 35w½ 43w½ 94b½ 28w0 83b1 38w0 91b1 55w19,02642114,00,02706
34GMSvidler Peter2735RUS109b½127w1 51b0 59w1 54b½ 61w1 80b1 15w½ 14b½ 5w0 93b1 21w½ 39b½ 20w0 50b19,02638117,50,02704
35GMAkopian Vladimir2684ARM128w½ 53b½130w1 28b1 63w0112b1 38w½ 33b½ 4w0 41b0109w1 98b1 27w1 52b1 8w09,02631114,50,02694
36GMRublevsky Sergei2757RUS 95w0126b½138w1 13b0 73w1 41b1 94w½ 61b1 52w0 51b0 79w½ 96b1 77w1 55b½ 60w19,02618108,00,02683
37GMMoiseenko Alexander2692UKR 18w0104b1 89w1 41b½ 13w0 58b0128w1 91b½116w½ 45b½ 84w1 72w1 20b0 53b1 56w19,02585113,00,02650
38GMPonkratov Pavel2629RUS151b1 42w½ 71b½117w½ 25b1 62w½ 35b½ 64w1 31b½ 4b0 17w0 70w1 33b1 16w0 49b½8,52719121,50,02747
39GMMotylev Alexander2627RUS131w1 82b½ 4w½ 12b½ 29w½ 44b0126w1 21b0123w1 66b1 94w1 32b½ 34w½ 31b½ 23w08,52690118,50,02719
40GMPerunovic Milos2617SRB107w1 99w1 80b½ 63b½ 7w0 23b0112w1 44b½ 49w1 68b1 12w0 55b1 29w0 17b0 85w18,52681118,00,02706
41GMSwiercz Dariusz2612POL136b1 16w0124b1 37w½117b0 36w0 89b1101w1 64b½ 35w1 99b½ 62w½ 71b0 80w½ 78b18,52666109,50,02689
42GMTomashevsky Evgeny2731RUS119w1 38b½ 56w1 79b½ 23w1 7b½ 13w½ 55b0 27w1 11b½ 50w½ 52b1 31w½ 5b0 17w08,52655124,50,02697
43GMAronian Levon2830ARM 91w½ 13b1 52w½ 30b½ 93w1 92w1 14b½ 9w0 33b½ 7b0 61w1 27b½ 66w0 94b1 26w½8,52645120,00,02688
44GMSavchenko Boris2696RUS 76b0112w½110b½126w1 69b1 39w1 5b0 40w½ 59b1 32w1 62b1 14w1 2b0 10w0 21b08,52644120,00,02684
45GMAntipov Mikhail Al.2590RUS 8w0106b0148w1112b0102w1118b1 70w½ 90w1 47b0 37w½ 64b1 49b½ 23w0110w1 80b18,52633110,50,02670
46GMMeier Georg2686GER118b1 57w½114b1108w1 19w0 6b0123w1 4b½ 11w0 27b½ 91w0 88b1 53w½ 61b½ 83w18,52631114,50,02670
47GMAndreikin Dmitry2720RUS -0115b1 98w½ 65w1 96b½ 79b1 55w0 94b½ 45w1 21w½ 54b½ 59w1 15b0 28b0 77w18,52627112,50,02698
48GMZhang Zhong2547SGP 12w½ 29b0144w0107b1145w1 66w0113b1 30b½ 54w0104b1 49w0 85b½ 82w1105b1 94w18,52605107,00,02635
49GMVitiugov Nikita2672RUS 97b1108w0120b½101w½109b1 57w0 69b1 92w½ 40b0 84w½ 48b1 45w½ 81b1 62w½ 38w½8,52583107,00,02628
50GMDubov Daniil2667RUS112w1125b1 79w½ 25w1 2b½ 1b½ 63w½ 6b0 68w½ 64w1 42b½ 7b0 32w1 19b0 34w08,02740125,50,02745
51GMSocko Bartosz2639POL141w1 4b½ 34w1 10b0 11w1 33b0 71w1 8b0 85w½ 36w1 24b0 25w0111b½ 84b1 64w½8,02719124,00,02720
52GMMamedov Rauf2667AZE129b1 76w½ 43b½ 31w0103b1101w1 62b½ 25w1 36b1 10w½ 3b½ 42w0 14b½ 35w0 32w08,02704122,00,02711
53GMKravtsiv Martyn2525UKR 90b½ 35w½ 66b½ 75w1 78b½ 71w1 9b0117w½ 93w½ 56b0 87b1 80w½ 46b½ 37w0 96b18,02680112,50,02698
54GMSafarli Eltaj2643AZE102w1 10b½ 11w0144b1 34w½ 4b½ 85w½ 12b0 48b1109w1 47w½ 19b½ 68w½ 23b0 67w½8,02678123,00,02679
55GMOnischuk Alexander2662USA124b1 25w0147b1 3w1 22b0 76w1 47b1 42w1 16b0 62w½ 29b0 40w0 89b1 36w½ 33b08,02678121,00,02685
56GMPetrosian Tigran L.2639ARM135b1 3w½ 42b0114w½125b1 12b0138w1 99w1 32b0 53w1 70b1 31w½ 22b½ 25w0 37b08,02676116,50,02681
57GMAgdestein Simen2594NOR149w1 46b½ 82w1 18b0 60w½ 49b1 29w0 23b½ 94w0101b1 63w½ 68b0 98w1 64b0100w18,02672112,50,02661
58GMDuda Jan-Krzysztof2560POL 3b0135w1117b0122w1 99b½ 37w1 90b1 22w0 78b½ 77w1 21b0 93w0 72b½ 96w½ 92b18,02658110,00,02665
59GMSasikiran Krishnan2631IND144w1 63b0139w½ 34b0106w1110b1 11w½ 85b½ 44w0 95b1 82w1 47b0 80b½ 78w½ 71b½8,02650108,50,02653
60GMBartel Mateusz2670POL110b½111w½101b½120w1 57b½ 5w0 84b1 32w½ 65b1 24w½ 20b1 10w0 25b0 92w1 36b08,02644117,00,02655
61GMSeirawan Yasser2641USA154b1 64w½ 3b½ 62w0 89b1 34b0119w1 36w0125b½108w1 43b0118w½ 76b1 46w½ 74b½8,02643110,00,02651
62GMBacrot Etienne2733FRA137w1 20b0 95w1 61b1 21w½ 38b½ 52w½ 26b1 13w½ 55b½ 44w0 41b½ 28w½ 49b½ 30w08,02632120,50,02646
63GMNguyen Ngoc Truong Son2743VIE 84b1 59w1 92b½ 40w½ 35b1 14w½ 50b½ 17w0 21b½ 15w0 57b½ 20w0110b1 65w½ 72b½8,02629119,50,02641
64GMLeko Peter2747HUN 98w1 61b½ 93w1 20b1 26w½ 18b½ 7w0 38b0 41w½ 50b0 45w0 69b1 67w½ 57w1 51b½8,02626118,50,02641
65GMHansen Eric2592CAN158w1 78b½ 29w0 47b0139w1 11b0129w1115b1 60w0 82b0102w½130b1109w1 63b½ 68w½8,02617104,50,02604
66GMVolokitin Andrei2671UKR 86w1 26b0 53w½123b0120w1 48b1 25b0109w½ 81b1 39w0 76b1111w1 43b1 22w0 27w08,02600112,50,02615
67GMLagno Kateryna2582RUS 25b0124w0135b½129w1111b1 90w0 97b½118w1 99b0 76w0123b1101w1 64b½117w1 54b½8,0259799,00,02608
68GMDreev Aleksey2706RUS108b0132w1 69b0118w1 81b1 96w1 92b1 5w0 50b½ 40w0 72b½ 57w1 54b½ 14w0 65b½8,02596110,50,02605
69GMVovk Yuri2572UKR 4w0141b1 68w1 21b0 44w0122b1 49w0112b0129w0148b1128w1 64w0126b1113w1 99b18,02596103,00,02606
70GMRagger Markus2711AUT138b½121w½ 81b0130w1 5b0103w1 45b½127w1 77b½105w1 56w0 38b0 95w1 30b0 91w18,02594105,50,02610
71GMEljanov Pavel2714UKR103w1 14b½ 38w½100b1 17w0 53b0 51b0125w0113b½ 86w1138w1 79b1 41w1 26b0 59w½8,02584110,50,02597
72GMBindrich Falko2594GER155b1 80w0113b1 9w0112w0130b1115w½104b½ 82w½144b1 68w½ 37b0 58w½111b1 63w½8,02582102,00,02572
73GMBluebaum Matthias2543GER117b0150w1 99b½ 78w0 36b0124w1151b0113w½114b1118w0142b1 87w1 74b½ 79w½ 93b18,0256896,00,02568
74GMGhaem Maghami Ehsan2591IRI 1w½ 6b0134w½ 86b0124b1 89w½111b0110w0147b1113w½129w1102b1 73w½114b1 61w½8,02556103,50,02570
75GMGajewski Grzegorz2661POL106w1 19b0123w½ 53b0128w½138b0122w1151w1109b0129b½115w1 89w0134b½119b1 98w18,0254194,50,02551
76GMMikhalevski Victor2523ISR 44w1 52b½ 33w½ 23w0105b1 55b0 27w0 28b0148w1 67b1 66w0100b1 61w0 88b½116w17,52638113,00,02625
77GMBachmann Axel2639PAR148w1 11b½ 10w0158b1 12w½ 29b0140w½ 98b1 70w½ 58b0118b½ 97w1 36b0 81w1 47b07,52635111,50,02599
78GMVallejo Pons Francisco2683ESP147b1 65w½ 1w0 73b1 53w½ 28b1 8w½ 11b0 58w½ 26b½ 27w0103b1 91w½ 59b½ 41w07,52627121,00,02619
79GMGrigoriants Sergey2595RUS156b1 9w1 50b½ 42w½ 24b0 47w0101b½111w½ 97b½110w½ 36b½ 71w0115w1 73b½ 90w½7,52626111,00,02598
80GMBruzon Batista Lazaro2682CUB126w1 72b1 40w½ 1b0123w1 82b½ 34w0 27b0 91w½116b1 98w½ 53b½ 59w½ 41b½ 45w07,52625113,00,02617
81GMJumabayev Rinat2575KAZ 11w0133b1 70w1 7b0 68w0115b0135w1126b1 66w0128b1 85w1 30b½ 49w0 77b0114w17,52617107,50,02605
82GMPonomariov Ruslan2720UKR140b1 39w½ 57b0127w1 20b1 80w½ 15b0 96w0 72b½ 65w1 59b0 92w0 48b0120w1121b17,52605108,50,02600
83GMBelov Vladimir2614RUS133w1 18b0131w1 22w0 86b½ 25w0134b1123b½104w1 93b0124b1 33w0114b½118w1 46b07,52583104,50,02569
84GMAgrest Evgenij2563SWE 63w0144b½126w½106b½131w½143b1 60w0102b1 30w½ 49b½ 37b0117w½ 86b1 51w0110b17,52576102,50,02563
85GMIturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo2700VEN125b0 97w0154b1147w½121b1127w1 54b½ 59w½ 51b½ 20w0 81b0 48w½138b1 89w1 40b07,52573101,50,02564
86GMSethuraman S.P.2502IND 66b0 24w0150b1 74w1 83w½ 93b0 95w0146b0137w1 71b0139w1140b1 84w0138b1109w17,5257396,50,02556
87GMIvanisevic Ivan2653SRB153w1 2w0 97b½139b1 6w0119b½ 91w½ 95b1 26w½ 28b0 53w0 73b0112w1109b½111w17,52572107,00,02561
88GMBorisek Jure2582SLO 19w0153b1142w1 33b0 8w0128b½104w0129b½126w1112b½144w1 46w0 97b½ 76w½118b17,52565100,00,02543
89GMHjartarson Johann2529ISL 99b0136w1 37b0155w1 61w0 74b½ 41w0145b1144w0139b1140w1 75b1 55w0 85b0117b17,5256597,50,02535
90GMAlekseev Evgeny2698RUS 53w½128b1 14w0 98b½119w½ 67b1 58w0 45b0115w1 91b0101w½109b0133w1134w1 79b½7,52557102,00,02549
91GMHuzman Alexander2585ISR 43b½ 31w0132b½110w½147b1 99w½ 87b½ 37w½ 80b½ 90w1 46b1 15w0 78b½ 33w0 70b07,02676111,00,02638
92GMNikolic Predrag2606BIH142w1 7b1 63w½ 29b1 18w½ 43b0 68w0 49b½ 23w0 98b0112w1 82b1 30w½ 60b0 58w07,02672117,00,02623
93GMKovalev Vladislav2649BLR114b½110w1 64b0111w1 43b0 86w1117b1 31w0 53b½ 83w1 34w0 58b1 19w0 32b0 73w07,02656111,50,02622
94GMZvjaginsev Vadim2658RUS113b0129w1111b½ 97w½134b1 32w½ 36b½ 47w½ 57b1 33w½ 39b0110w½ 99b½ 43w0 48b07,02634109,00,02601
95GMAnton Guijarro David2576ESP 36b1 23w½ 62b0 99w½ 32b0 97w½ 86b1 87w0111b1 59w0120b½124w1 70b0101w½102b½7,02624107,50,02591
96GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2633IND139w0143b1106w1 6b½ 47w½ 68b0125w1 82b1 12w0 99w0 97b½ 36w0108b1 58b½ 53w07,02623108,50,02588
97IMSvane Rasmus2505GER 49w0 85b1 87w½ 94b½ 27w0 95b½ 67w½119b1 79w½100b½ 96w½ 77b0 88w½ 98b0136w17,02618104,50,02573
98GMRomanov Evgeny2569RUS 64b0154w1 47b½ 90w½ 3b0113w½114b1 77w0151b1 92w1 80b½ 35w0 57b0 97w1 75b07,02617106,50,02580
99GMAlmasi Zoltan2700HUN 89w1 40b0 73w½ 95b½ 58w½ 91b½ 28w1 56b0 67w1 96b1 41w½ 26b0 94w½ 27b0 69w07,02594112,50,02569
100GMBologan Viktor2623MDA150b1117w1 2b0 71w0101b0134w½121b1108w1 25b0 97w½110b0 76w0123b1106w1 57b07,02590102,50,02552
101GMEhlvest Jaan2520USA 7w0107b1 60w½ 49b½100w1 52b0 79w½ 41b0146w1 57w0 90b½ 67b0136w1 95b½105w½7,02589108,00,02547
102IMKrnan Tomas2449CAN 54b0116b0152w1109w0 45b0145b1137w1 84w0103b½127w1 65b½ 74w0120b½130b1 95w½7,0255397,00,02506
103GMOlafsson Helgi2542ISL 71b0145w0157b1132w1 52w0 70b0133w½139b½102w½141w1125b1 78w0117b0115b½124w17,0253791,50,02502
104GMHasangatin Ramil2478RUS 17b0 37w0136b0157w1151b½158w1 88b1 72w½ 83b0 48w0134b½126w½121b½127w½137b17,0253294,50,02482
105GMVan Wely Loek2639NED132b½114w0112b½115w1 76w0125b0143w1138b1140w1 70b0111b0120w1118b½ 48w0101b½7,0252893,00,02500
106GMCuenca Jimenez Jose Fernando2463ESP 75b0 45w1 96b0 84w½ 59b0121w0146b0149w½152w1119b0131w1142b1130w1100b0127b17,0250393,00,02459
107IMCarlstedt Jonathan2305GER 40b0101w0129b½ 48w0146b0157b½154w½158w1120b0147w1122b½153w½125b1108w½134b17,0249384,00,02446
108GMDlugy Maxim2535USA 68w1 49b1 18w½ 46b0 30w1 8b0 4w0100b0133w1 61b0116w1 23b0 96w0107b½119w½6,52653115,50,02580
109GMShchekachev Andrei2552FRA 34w½ 12b½ 7w0102b1 49w0131b1 30w½ 66b½ 75w1 54b0 35b0 90w1 65b0 87w½ 86b06,52646117,00,02578
110GMKunin Vitaly2501GER 60w½ 93b0 44w½ 91b½137w1 59w0 20b0 74b1119w1 79b½100w1 94b½ 63w0 45b0 84w06,52627108,00,02571
111GMBezold Michael2509GER 21w½ 60b½ 94w½ 93b0 67w0144b1 74w1 79b½ 95w0130b1105w1 66b0 51w½ 72w0 87b06,52623106,50,02557
112GMHausrath Daniel2499GER 50b0 44b½105w½ 45w1 72b1 35w0 40b0 69w1 20b0 88w½ 92b0121w½ 87b0132w½143b16,52610109,50,02547
113GMWagner Dennis2459GER 94w1 1b0 72w0119b0149w1 98b½ 48w0 73b½ 71w½ 74b½130w0137b1140w1 69b0115w½6,52593104,50,02517
114IMHirneise Tobias2453GER 93w½105b1 46w0 56b½ 28w0137b½ 98w0128b½ 73w0143b1119w1116b1 83w½ 74w0 81b06,52592102,50,02534
115IMTari Aryan2506NOR 23b0 47w0151b1105b0141w1 81w1 72b½ 65w0 90b0146w1 75b0127w1 79b0103w½113b½6,52581102,00,02514
116GMMaze Sebastien2581FRA 2b0102w1158b½ 32w½ 4w0126b0148w1130b1 37b½ 80w0108b0114w0151b1128w1 76b06,52577101,50,02495
117GMMorozevich Alexander2717RUS 73w1100b0 58w1 38b½ 41w1 13b0 93w0 53b½ 28w0123b1 26w0 84b½103w1 67b0 89w06,52575112,50,02522
118GMAl-Sayed Mohammed2518QAT 46w0142b0141w1 68b0135w1 45w0132b1 67b0131w1 73b1 77w½ 61b½105w½ 83b0 88w06,52563102,00,02492
119GMMilanovic Danilo2545SRB 42b0151w1 24b0113w1 90b½ 87w½ 61b0 97w0110b0106w1114b0155w1124b1 75w0108b½6,5256199,50,02481
120GMHandke Florian2530GER 33w½ 21b½ 49w½ 60b0 66b0151w0131w1144b0107w1133b1 95w½105b0102w½ 82b0141w16,52556101,00,02489
121GMNaumann Alexander2543GER 29w½ 70b½ 21w0131b½ 85w0106b1100w0124b0139w½145b1126w½112b½104w½133b1 82w06,5255698,50,02492
122IMSeel Christian Dr.2474GER 30w0 28b0149w1 58b0142w1 69w0 75b0131b0135w½158b1107w½136b0144w1141b½138w16,5244593,50,02372
123GMShabalov Alexander2519USA 9b0155w1 75b½ 66w1 80b0 20w1 46b0 83w½ 39b0117w0 67w0135b1100w0136b0145w16,02587106,00,02484
124IMLadva Ottomar2466EST 55w0 67b1 41w0137b½ 74w0 73b0152w1121w1127b1140b½ 83w0 95b0119w0126b1103b06,0257198,50,02472
125GMPiorun Kacper2528POL 85w1 50w0 9b0142b1 56w0105w1 96b0 71b1 61w½ 30b0103w0133b0107w0145b½144w16,02570103,00,02476
126GMStefansson Hannes2510ISL 80b0 36w½ 84b½ 44b0133w1116w1 39b0 81w0 88b0132w1121b½104b½ 69w0124w0139b16,02570102,00,02487
127GMGuliyev Namig2581AZE 6w½ 34b0128w1 82b0144w1 85b0139w1 70b0124w0102b0141w1115b0129w1104b½106w06,0256298,50,02478
128GMMunoz Pantoja Miguel2513ESP 35b½ 90w0127b0146w1 75b½ 88w½ 37b0114w½142b1 81w0 69b0151w½139b1116b0133w½6,0254597,50,02453
129IMSchneider Ilja2493GER 52w0 94b0107w½ 67b0155b1146w1 65b0 88w½ 69b1 75w½ 74b0138w0127b0151w1132b½6,0253296,50,02433
130GMPapin Vasily2521RUS 16b0156w1 35b0 70b0148w1 72w0141b1116w0132b1111w0113b1 65w0106b0102w0150b16,0252697,50,02433
131IMValdes Romero Leonardo2377CRC 39b0140w1 83b0121w½ 84b½109w0120b0122w1118b0134w0106b0154b0157w1147w1148b16,0252689,00,02445
132GMPolzin Rainer2416GER105w½ 68b0 91w½103b0138w0149b1118w0143b1130w0126b0137w0145b1150w1112b½129w½6,0251887,00,02424
133GMMeister Jakob2437GER 83b0 81w0140b0156w1126b0142w1103b½134w1108b0120w0146b1125w1 90b0121w0128b½6,0251789,00,02424
134GMGodena Michele2536ITA 22b0146w½ 74b½136w1 94w0100b½ 83w0133b0145w½131b1104w½144b1 75w½ 90b0107w06,0251496,50,02425
135IMAbel Dennes2441GER 56w0 58b0 67w½138b½118b0150w1 81b0147w0122b½153w1151b½123w0155b1137w0146b16,0249886,00,02401
136CMChoukri Adel2267MAR 41w0 89b0104w1134b0143w0148b0153b0156w0157b1150w1147b1122w1101b0123w1 97b06,0248484,50,02393
137GMRasmussen Allan Stig2551DEN 62b0157w1 22b0124w½110b0114w½102b0141w0 86b0152w1132b1113w0146b1135b1104w06,0248292,50,02389
138GMStern Rene2539GER 70w½ 33b0 36b0135w½132b1 75w1 56b0105w0141b½151w1 71b0129b1 85w0 86w0122b05,52592102,00,02482
139FMPrzybylski Wojciech2409POL 96b1 17w0 59b½ 87w0 65b0147w1127b0103w½121b½ 89w0 86b0143b1128w0140b1126w05,5256897,50,02466
140GMPavlovic Milos2544SRB 82w0131b0133w1145b½158w1 30b½ 77b½ 20w½105b0124w½ 89b0 86w0113b0139w0153b15,5251995,00,02395
141FMCarow Johannes2430GER 51b0 69w0118b0152w1115b0155w1130w0137b1138w½103b0127b0146w½153b1122w½120b05,5249487,50,02374
142IMBen Artzi Ido2245ISR 92b0118w1 88b0125w0122b0133b0156w1153b1128w0154b1 73w0106w0148b½143w0151b15,5249084,50,02376
143IMSanal Vahap2469TUR 15b0 96w0156b1 5w0136b1 84w0105b0132w0150b1114w0155b½139w0149w1142b1112w05,5243691,00,02320
144IMBreutigam Martin2380GER 59b0 84w½ 48b1 54w0127b0111w0158b1120w1 89b1 72w0 88b0134w0122b0148w½125b05,0254997,50,02394
145IMCarstensen Jacob2335DEN 14b0103b1 28w0140w½ 48b0102w0147b1 89w0134b½121w0148b½132w0156b1125w½123b05,0252394,50,02377
146WGMBerend Elvira2327LUX 27w0134b½ 13w0128b0107w1129b0106w1 86w1101b0115b0133w0141b½137w0154b1135w05,0250295,00,02364
147GMRichter Michael2513GER 78w0149b1 55w0 85b½ 91w0139b0145w0135b1 74w0107b0136w0152b1154w½131b0157b15,0245688,50,02312
148GMGutov Andrey2443RUS 77b0 5w0 45b0150w1130b0136w1116b0155w1 76b0 69w0145w½149b½142w½144b½131w05,0243991,50,02293
149Cordeiro Marco Aurelio Zaror2201BRA 57b0147w0122b0154w1113b0132w0150b½106b½153w½155w0158b1148w½143b0157w0156w15,0241375,00,02267
150IMCamacho Collados Jose2338KOR100w0 73b0 86w0148b0153w1135b0149w½152b½143w0136b0157b1156w1132b0158w1130w05,0240279,50,02257

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