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XII Latgale chess Autumn blitz 2015

Last update 19.10.2015 12:11:19, Creator/Last Upload: Riga Chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMTrifonov Denis2241BLR 7w1 23b½ 36w1 4b1 2w1 3b0 5w1 8b1 9w17,542,053,02231
2NMPutka Verners2318LAT 22b1 14w1 4b½ 5w1 1b0 16w1 15b1 6w1 3w17,541,053,52347
3MKAndrejevs Arvids2240LAT 20b1 26w1 17b1 11w1 15b1 1w1 6b0 4w1 2b07,040,051,52201
4MKKlachkou Tsimafei1960BLR 47w+ 27b1 2w½ 1w0 23b1 12b1 25w1 3b0 11w16,538,049,52128
5MKMalyshev Roman2183RUS 29w1 36b½ 23w1 2b0 27w1 11b1 1b0 12w1 6b16,537,048,02074
6WGMEidelson Rakhil2162BLR 33b1 19w1 18b1 15w0 26b1 8w1 3w1 2b0 5w06,038,550,02104
7IRunets Ivan1595BLR 1b0 41w1 13w1 9b1 8w0 34b1 14b0 19w1 16b16,037,047,52042
8MKPolyakov Fedor1914LAT 35b1 24w1 15b0 21w1 7b1 6b0 17w1 1w0 18b16,036,548,01948
9MKZenchanka Pavel1872BLR 30b1 15w0 20b1 7w0 33b1 18w1 26b1 14w1 1b06,034,546,01909
10ILeonova Ameliya1706BLR 45b1 16w0 28b0 35w1 20b1 25w0 39b1 26w1 15b16,028,534,51854
11MKTsaruk Maksim1664BLR 44b1 25w1 16b1 3b0 12w½ 5w0 19b1 15w1 4b05,537,046,02089
12IYula Mikalai2018BLR 39b1 17w0 22b1 18w1 11b½ 4w0 24w1 5b0 23b15,535,544,51823
13MKAlipovs Anatoljs1926LAT 28b1 18w0 7b0 39w1 21b1 19w0 33b1 17w1 14b½5,533,542,01700
14MKKalyamin Andrey1912RUS 31w1 2b0 37w1 27b0 29w1 30b1 7w1 9b0 13w½5,533,044,01743
15MKTerentiev Sergei2320LAT 21w1 9b1 8w1 6b1 3w0 17b1 2w0 11b0 10w05,041,554,01959
16MKUngurs Kazimirs2038LAT 37w1 10b1 11w0 19b1 17w0 2b0 20w1 27b1 7w05,036,547,51756
17IZiedins Roberts1713LAT 48w1 12b1 3w0 25w1 16b1 15w0 8b0 13b0 31w15,035,045,51982
18IHorobrijs Daniils1704LAT 43w1 13b1 6w0 12b0 32w1 9b0 30w1 25b1 8w05,035,044,01879
19IDmitriev Ivan1747RUS 32w1 6b0 38w1 16w0 28b1 13b1 11w0 7b0 29w15,034,043,51752
20IZiskins Ilja1592LAT 3w0 34b1 9w0 46b1 10w0 32b1 16b0 28w1 26b15,033,040,51856
21IDombrovska Stefanija1652LAT 15b0 30w1 44w1 8b0 13w0 31b1 29w0 24b1 25w15,030,538,51774
22IMatskevich Maksim1613BLR 2w0 31b1 12w0 38b1 25b0 28w0 34w1 35b1 27w15,029,040,01729
23IEl-Haze Zans Pols1801LAT 41b1 1w½ 5b0 28w1 4w0 24b0 36w1 29b1 12w04,534,044,51829
24IPetrova Vita1672LAT 40w1 8b0 32w0 36b1 34w½ 23w1 12b0 21w0 30b14,530,539,51742
25WIMPolyakova Natalia1924RUS 38w1 11b0 29w1 17b0 22w1 10b1 4b0 18w0 21b04,035,545,01613
26IShakhov Dmitry V.1857RUS 34w1 3b0 39w1 32b1 6w0 27b1 9w0 10b0 20w04,035,044,51762
27IMarin Maksim1691RUS 46b1 4w0 35b1 14w1 5b0 26w0 28b1 16w0 22b04,033,540,51725
28IILazavik Denis1352BLR 13w0 43b1 10w1 23b0 19w0 22b1 27w0 20b0 42w14,032,041,01677
29INaumovich Yaroslav1545BLR 5b0 42w1 25b0 31w1 14b0 35w1 21b1 23w0 19b04,031,541,01695
30IISinijs Adrians1304LAT 9w0 21b0 43w1 37b1 36w1 14w0 18b0 39b1 24w04,030,038,51620
31IIITsiuryn Ilya1324BLR 14b0 22w0 48b+ 29b0 38w1 21w0 43b1 33w1 17b04,029,538,01534
32IIKlachkou Platon1750BLR 19b0 33w1 24b1 26w0 18b0 20w0 40w1 36b0 39w14,029,036,51609
33IIMalysheva Valeria1528RUS 6w0 32b0 42w1 44b1 9w0 40b1 13w0 31b0 36w14,028,536,51715
34ITaraikovski Mikhail1850BLR 26b0 20w0 45b1 41w1 24b½ 7w0 22b0 42b½ 40w14,027,534,51649
35IITsesler Yakau1345BLR 8w0 40b1 27w0 10b0 46w1 29b0 44w1 22w0 45b14,025,031,51642
36IAgafontseva Natalya1736RUS 42b1 5w½ 1b0 24w0 30b0 37w1 23b0 32w1 33b03,531,041,51655
37ITabors Emils1390LAT 16b0 45w1 14b0 30w0 40b½ 36b0 38w½ 44w½ 41b13,524,030,51602
38ILeonovs Jegors1351LAT 25b0 46w1 19b0 22w0 31b0 43w0 37b½ 45w1 44b13,522,027,51553
39IISokal Uladzislau1380BLR 12w0 48b+ 26b0 13b0 43w1 44b1 10w0 30w0 32b03,029,537,51540
40IIIMorozov Timur1650BLR 24b0 35w0 41b½ 42b1 37w½ 33w0 32b0 46w1 34b03,025,530,51507
41IIDmitriev Sergey1750RUS 23w0 7b0 40w½ 34b0 44w0 45b1 42w½ 43b1 37w03,023,030,01551
42IINiadbalski Mikhail1750BLR 36w0 29b0 33b0 40w0 45b1 46w1 41b½ 34w½ 28b03,022,527,01521
43IIIBaranov Alexey1650RUS 18b0 28w0 30b0 45w1 39b0 38b1 31w0 41w0 46b13,021,527,01382
44IIIVialitchanka Mikalai1650BLR 11w0 -1 21b0 33w0 41b1 39w0 35b0 37b½ 38w02,526,534,51257
45IIVorobjovs Sergejs1750LAT 10w0 37b0 34w0 43b0 42w0 41w0 46b1 38b0 35w01,024,030,51254
46IIIMarkhanau Fiodar1650BLR 27w0 38b0 -1 20w0 35b0 42b0 45w0 40b0 43w01,023,529,5797
47IMartsev Ivan1354BLR 4b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,021,027,00
IISolomatina Jana1750LAT 17b0 39w- 31w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,021,027,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)

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