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6. Biedermeier Open B 2004

Last update 12.09.2004 19:40:46, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1Lehner ErichAUT1828Carasaxa Breitensee Wien
2Zelenka HelmutAUT1823Sk Zwettl, Noe
3Hoermann JohannAUT1817Pottschach
4Thurner ManfredAUT18161. Wiener Neustaedter Sv
5Iokai EmerikROM1796Spg. Ternitz-Gloggnitz
6Steiner HelmutAUT1769Sgm Triestingtal
7Duske HelmutAUT17651. Wiener Neustaedter Sv
8Fuchs MartinAUT1755Roter Bauer Dogma
9Tankosic MatthiasAUT17511. Wiener Neustaedter Sv
10Karner AloisAUT1712Sv Sollenau
11Musilek AdalbertAUT17001. Wiener Neustaedter Sv
12Hammerstiel AlfredAUT1693Spg. Ternitz-Gloggnitz
13Zacsek JosefAUT1652Sv Sollenau
14Kropelnicki RomanAUT1622Pottschach
15Ruh ThomasAUT1595Sk St.poelten
16Winkler Klaus Sen.AUT1592Spg. Ternitz-Gloggnitz
17Ruziczka Richard Dvw.AUT1585Schachklub Baden
18Woltron KarlAUT1556Spg. Ternitz-Gloggnitz
19Kreuzeder MariusAUT1547Sk St.poelten
20Schiechl WilhelmAUT1534Sk Piestingtal
21Jereb JuergenAUT1493Schachklub Baden
22Richter Paul Dr.AUT1475Sk Piestingtal
23Rainer AlexanderAUT1385Sv Sollenau
24Muchna KlausAUT1228KsV Wien