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Saturday Morning Slow Chess

Last update 12.12.2015 21:01:02, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1Darmanin JakeMLT1989
2Said OliverMLT1901
3Baldacchino JoeMLT1786
4Sammut RonMLT1746
5Azzopardi AlfredMLT1574
6Grech MatthewMLT1566
7Malteseva Bezzina IrinaMLT1564
8Azzopardi RayMLT1563
9Camilleri MarcelMLT1513
10Licari ClaudeMLT1469
11Cuschieri MichaelMLT1381
12Conti MatthewMLT1342
13Ancilleri LawrenceMLT1337
14Gauci DavidMLT1227
15Wang DongyuMLT0