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2015 Witney Rapidplay: Junior Major

Last update 28.09.2015 15:24:04, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1Moody James C131Reading
2Shepherd Tom122Magdalen College
3Headlong Benjamin116Swindon
4Hosdurga Chirag109Bristol Juniors
5Ives Leonora109Cumnor
6Headlong Georgia107Brown Jack
7Read Bill101Witney
8Hobkirk-Capps Venetia C100Witney
9Copping Arthur984ncl Brown Jack
10Keshav Vijay98Ojays
11Shirinyan Daniel98Cumnor
12Baldock Max96Oxfordshire Juniors
13Beneat Frederick91Witney
14Wang Andy86Widcombe Junior
15Parnes Shira81William Fletcher Primary
16Badalyan Harutyun79None
17Rayner Hugo79William Fletcher Primary
18Deakin Thomas78Oxfordshire Juniors
19Hobkirk-Capps Mercedes L78Witney
20Sanyal Sarthak77Coventry Ca
21Gillow Matthew76Oxfordshire Juniors
22Magnay Jonathan72Witney
23Bourliakas Stephi71Bicester
24Soanes Joshua T69Witney
25Rosli Rushdi66Cherwell School
26Young Imogen A66Cowley
27Maydew Zach64Newport
28Zakarian Dimitrios Levon64None
29Suyash Srikanta Prasad63Uxbridge
30Rajagopal Advaith60Cowley
31Pavlov Boris56Witney
32Rajagopal Sidharth54Cowley
33Bourliakas Sally37Bicester
34Byrom Harris0Oxfordshire Juniors
35Jennings Jack0Ojays
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