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2015 Witney Rapidplay: Senior

Last update 28.09.2015 15:18:56, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1FMZakarian David216None
2Martin Lewis188Brown Jack
3Freeman Richard C P182Milton Keynes
4Matta Francesca176Bicester
5Mashayekh Majid174None
6Koszta Csaba163None
7Staniforth Matthew162Didcot
8Valentine Brian J162Leighton Buzzard
9Buchanan Neil157Cowley
10Edwards Derek F155Witney
11Wiltshir Richard153Rushall
12Cole Graham152Magdalen College
13Beckett Richard151Bicester
14Varney Daniel150Cumnor
15Smith Paul149Hastings
16Hameed Asif148Cowley
17Panicker Rajagopal145Cowley
18Weston Rick144Witney
19Mate Maria143Cowley
20Maydew Simon143Newport
21Lucey Michael140Bourne End
22Bush Ian139Magdelen College
23Macarthur Duncan M132Keynsham
24Keane Richard122Open University
25Hauer Marianne121Witney
26Mckeon John120Milton Keynes
27Reynolds Gary113Didcot
28Bisogno Vincenzo112Swindon
29Gilders Ian110Witney
30Ives Marc108Cumnor
31Talib Rosli108None
32Pakenham John105
33Brooke Ian R100Oxford City
34Mcleod Mark97Didcot
35Cordon Ray82Wantage
36Jones Nick0None
37Young Duncan H0Cowley
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