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Rockadens Öppna KM M2 Hösten 2015

Last update 10.12.2015 23:18:36, Creator/Last Upload: schackklubben rockaden

Starting rank list of players

3Norlin Egor1713973SWE2187SK Rockaden
6Todorovic Zoran915769SRB1992SK Rockaden
5Bednarski Dawid1152882POL1950SK Rockaden
2Halvarsson Gustav1721437SWE1929SK Rockaden
7Duenas Alexis1707787SWE1926SK Rockaden
9Rånby Hans1710311SWE1894Wasa SK
8Eriksson Hans1737040SWE1829SK Rockaden
10Jovic Rado19580101SWE1825SK Rockaden
1Bast Billy1714384SWE1804SK Rockaden
4Saxin Richard19770101SWE1801SK Rockaden