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MARIANSKE LAZNE 2005 IM - turnaj A 2

Last update 31.01.2005 04:29:49, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

1IMTalla Vladimir303445CZE2417
10IMPribyl Josef300187CZE2408
5IMCzerwonski Aleksander1100459POL2390
8FMSarbok Torsten4630068GER2362
7WGMSergeeva Maria13701037KAZ2312
2Rutkowski Maciej1123980POL2306
9FMHolemar David307009CZE2305
6Rohrmueller Ulrich4633008GER2241
4Taggatz Mario4624530GER2225
3Bronowicki Mateusz1122690POL2200