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Inter-College Championship 2004 (Curepipe, Quatre Bornes & the South)

Last update 15.09.2015 11:08:17, Creator/Last Upload: sk b4, mauritius, ronald raimbert

Starting rank

1Alphonse David1100Royal Curepipe
2Angoh Jason1100St Esprit
3Aumeeruddy Nabil1100St Esprit
4Beemadoo Sendy1100Royal Curepipe
5Bhunjun Anish1100Royal Curepipe
6Bissessur Sankar1100Presidency
7Carre Loic1100St Esprit
8Chadee Gulshan1075St Esprit
9Choon Stephen1100St Esprit
10Dulloo Avinash1100St Esprit
11Fon Sing Vincent1100St Esprit
12Guildhary David1100St Esprit
13Gungaram Gyanish1113Royal Curepipe
14Heerooa Bhavish1100Presidency
15Heerooa Nuvi1100Presidency
16Hey Tow Kien1100St Esprit
17How Kong Fah Douglas1100St Esprit
18How Tien Fat Jonathan1100St Esprit
19Jones-Naik Yannish1100St Esprit
20Kariman Akheel1100Royal Curepipe
21Kariman Prashant1100Presidency
22Kong Wing Chang James1113Royal Curepipe
23Kong Wing Chang Jimmy1125Royal Curepipe
24Koo Tee Fong Jeffrey1100St Esprit
25Lallfutta Vrigesh1075Royal Curepipe
26Lan Ting Hing Kevin1100St Esprit
27Liong Steven1100St Joseph
28Lutchmun Gulshan1100St Esprit
29Maudarbocus Hashim1100St Esprit
30Monneron Yannick1100St Esprit
31Mungur Ashvin1100Presidency
32Nagawa Khemil1063St Esprit
33Ootlum Seetaram1100Royal Curepipe
34Patel Zain1100Royal Curepipe
35Perianna Vrigesh1138Royal Curepipe
36Philio Andy1100St Esprit
37Philippe Olivier1163Royal Curepipe
38Ram Parish1100Presidency
39Ramanah Kodi1100Presidency
40Ramrekha Akash1100St Esprit
41Ribot Jean Philippe1100St Esprit
42Rungee Bhoovesh1100St Esprit
43Sababady Nathan1100St Esprit
44Sanhye Warren1138Royal Curepipe
45Seewoosunkur Manon1100St Esprit
46Senivassen Kavissen1100St Esprit
47Senivassen Kevin1100St Esprit
48Senyupta Sundeep1100St Esprit
49Sirop Sebastien1100St Esprit
50Suthanah Mike1050St Esprit
51Teckah Ritesh1126Presidency
52Toofaneerah Hansraj1100St Esprit
53Uppiah Nicolas1100Presidency
54Wong Chong Jonathan1100St Joseph
55Wong Kevin1100St Esprit
56Wong Laurent1100St Esprit