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6th KLK Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Seniors Open 2015

Last update 27.09.2015 07:36:46, Creator/Last Upload: malaysian chess federation

Starting rank

1GMFominyh Alexander4100590RUS2439
2GMKayumov Dmitry D14200090UZB2389
3IMGunawan Ronny7100035INA2371
4IMLiew Chee-Meng Jimmy5700019MAS2198
5Dang Tat Thang12400092VIE2186
6Bagamasbad Efren5203570PHI2130
7Schemm Michael A2026570USA2022
8Tham Tick Hong Jax5701279MAS2013
9FMJones Brian3200663AUS1962
10CMSpiller Paul4300718NZL1941
11Luu Duc Hai12412228VIE1936
12R. Subramaniam5707463MAS1896
13Kwan Nam Seng Eddy5709717MAS1884
14Gonzales Ireneo5202663PHI1870
15IMGiam Choo Kwee5800200SGP1865
16Gaticales Martin5219248PHI1835
17Lim Kian Hwa5700744MAS1797
18Kuich Gero1322079SUI1753
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