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Blitz de los jeves FederaciĆ³n de Ajedrez Chubutense

Last update 11.09.2015 01:21:44, Creator/Last Upload: federacion chubutense de ajedrez

Starting rank

1Aguilar FacundoARG0
2Aguinaga MaximilianoARG0
3Aybar MarceloARG0
4Leal JoseARG0
5Morales MaimARG0
6Morales OhanaARG0
7Musiquel JorgelinaARG0
8Rodriguez JeremiaARG0
9Rodriguz LuciaARG0
10Salamanca MartinARG0
11Ulloa GabrielARG0
12Varas MiguelARG0
13Villarroel SantiagoARG0
14huenchuman ThiagoARG0
15Fuentez EnzoARG0
16Acosta EzequielARG0
17Acosta MorenaARG0
18Maturana CiroARG0