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Giai co tuong Ha Noi - nam 15

Last update 19.01.2009 05:04:17, Creator/Last Upload: ia ignatius leong

Starting rank

1Hoang Quang AnhBDi2288
2Nguyen Tuan AnhTHo2287
3Nguyen Hung CuongGLa2286
4Doan Cat DangMLi2285
5Nguyen Huu DongMDu2284
6Cao Viet DucBDi2283
7Vu Minh DucTHo2282
8Pham Anh DungQOa2281
9Nguyen The HaHMa2280
10Nguyen The HauLBi2279
11Tran Manh HieuDPh2278
12Nguyen HieuTXu2277
13Pham Minh HoangDDa2276
14Nguyen Quang HungTLi2275
15Nguyen Vinh LuanHKi2274
16Nguyen Quang MinhLBi2273
17Tran Ba NgocHMa2272
18Dang Tran Ngoc PhuongHBT2271
19Do Xuan SonDPh2270
20Do Van ThachCMy2269
21Tran Trong ThaiMLi2268
22Nguyen Duy ThangBVi2267
23Nguyen Dinh ThanhHKi2266
24Nguyen Chi ThanhHBT2265
25Nguyen Trung ThanhTXu2264
26Dang Chi ThanhDDa2263
27Tran Ngoc TrieuMDu2262
28Nguyen Duc TrungGLa2261
29Nguyen Xuan TruongTLi2260
30Pham Van TuanCMy2259
31Nguyen Hoang TungTTi2258
32Nguyen Van TungBVi2257