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Giai co tuong Ha Noi - nam 9

Last update 19.01.2009 05:03:45, Creator/Last Upload: ia ignatius leong

Starting rank

1Nguyen Tuan AnhTLi2381
2Nguyen Viet AnhHK@2380
3Nguyen Duc QuangGLa2379
4Chu Duc AnhBVi2378
5Tang Minh DucLBi2377
6Nguyen Anh DungCGi2376
7Nguyen Hoang Viet HaiTXu2375
8Nguyen Duc Anh HaoHDo2374
9Nguyen Duy HieuBDi2373
10Nguyen Quang HuyHBT2372
11Nguyen Ba DatGLa2371
12Le Duy KhanhCMy2370
13Nguyen An KhanhTHo2369
14Nguyen Tien Quoc KhanhHMa2368
15Nguyen Dinh Duy KienBDi2367
16Nguyen Trung KienHDu2366
17Mai Trung KienTXu2365
18Nguyen Ngoc LanTHo2364
19Nguyen Vu Quoc LongDDa2363
20Nguyen Quang LongDDa2362
21Le Khanh NamHKi2361
22Le Khoa NamHKi2360
23Nguyen Trung NghiaCGi2359
24Vu Minh NgocTLi2358
25Nguyen Minh QuanLBi2357
26Do Thanh QuangTX@2356
27Hoang Tat ThanhTTi2355
28Tran Van TheDPh2354
29Duong Quang TungHBT2353
30Doan Van VietBVi2352