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giai co tuong Ha Noi - nam 7

Last update 19.01.2009 05:03:21, Creator/Last Upload: ia ignatius leong

Starting rank

1Nguyen Van Duy AnhHKi2400
2Doan Gia BachTLi2399
3Bui Hoang CuongTL@2398
4Le Tri DucHKi2397
5Pham Minh DucTHo2396
6Nguyen Vu DungDDa2395
7Pham Ngoc HaiDD@2394
8Duong Quang HuyBDi2393
9Nguyen Hoang KhanhTHo2392
10Nguyen Trung Kien ATXu2391
11Nguyen Trung Kien BTXu2390
12Nguyen Canh MinhHK@2389
13Bui Khanh NamTLi2388
14Ly Nhat NamDDa2387
15Nguyen Nhu PhucCG@2386
16Hoang Nam ThangCGi2385
17Do Duc ThangCGi2384
18Bui Cong ThanhHMa2383
19Nguyen Huu VanBDi2382