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2015 “Yin Zhou” Cup China-Russia Chess Scheveningen system Men Blitz

Last update 14.07.2015 13:13:51, Creator/Last Upload: chinesechessassociation

Team-Composition without round-results

  1. Russia (RtgAvg:2698 / TB1: 24 / TB2: 11)
1GMSvidler Peter2740RUS41021425,010,0
2GMVitiugov Nikita2734RUS41529563,510,0
3GMMatlakov Maxim2691RUS41680034,510,0
4GMFedoseev Vladimir2664RUS241307375,510,0
5GMDubov Daniil2661RUS241260555,510,0
  2. China (RtgAvg:2654 / TB1: 26 / TB2: 9)
1GMYu Yangyi2736CHN86038206,010,0
2GMWei Yi2724CHN86034054,010,0
3GMBu Xiangzhi2695CHN86014455,010,0
4GMLu Shanglei2595CHN86033326,010,0
5IMWang Chen2521CHN86010205,010,0