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Torneo Cerrado IRT de Ajedrez "Maspalomas 2008"

Last update 14.12.2008 17:07:26, Creator/Last Upload: spanish federation (arbiter comitee)

Starting rank list of players

12Gonzalez Garcia GuillermoESP2211Cadetra
3Sanchez Quintero RaulCUB2183Anand
2Pujales Llanos Jose ManuelESP1985Cadetra
6Marrero Lopez AgustinESP1956Maspalomas
11Roque Hernandez FranciscoESP1878Santa Brígida
7Arana Hernandez MoisesESP1658Caja Vecindario
10Monteiro Rodrigues CarlosESP1591San Agustín
9Suarez Ramirez JonayESP1220Caja Vecindario
1Alvarez Rams Jose NarcisoESP0Cadetra
5Jimenez Mendoza Jose MiguelESP0Maspalomas
8Marrero Cardenes AgustinESP0Maspalomas
4Monzon Aleman AyozeESP0Maspalomas