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Matrix Chess Academy above 1200

Last update 31.05.2015 10:09:20, Creator/Last Upload: all india chess federation

Starting rank

1FMHarshal Shahi5048257IND2220
2Deep Kapoor5078733IND1946
3Tushar Anand5079128IND1896
4Abir Sinha5045991IND1843
5Kingshuk Debnath5037999IND1840
6Jatish JayIND1779
7Aansh Gupta25024981IND1773
8Sarthak Mahajan5079004IND1768
9Vaibhav Aggarwal25075950IND1726
10Prachet Sharma5078873IND1714
11Vardan Nagpal25089544IND1707
12Alok Sinha25072765IND1674
13Sumay Mishra25038079IND1647
14Anish ShrivastavaIND1625
15Manan Chandok5078814IND1610
16Shounak Ghatak35042386IND1561
17Deota Snehil S45038295IND1438
18Madhav Sharma35051520IND1399
19Aadit Bhatia25088955IND1346
20Archi Agrawal25049879IND1342
21Mahesh Madhavan35023039IND1284
22Prathivya Gupta35028421IND1284
23Vijay Yadav5098408IND1281
24Aaryansh Bhartiya46647350IND1236
25Kaamyaa Negi35028391IND1233
26Kirtvir Singh25089200IND1182