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Campionat de Balears Suis sub-14 2015 Hotel Santa Ponsa Park ****

Last update 31.05.2015 12:59:32, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 158)

Starting rank

1Asensio Ramos Diego22233008ESP1732Bal
2Pons Vinent Angel32055854ESP1514Bal
3Storti Bordoy Sergi32060050ESP1471Bal
4Lopez Lopez Xisco32092075ESP1464Bal
5Vives Morey Pere Joan32060068ESP1392Bal
6Bujosa Mas Miquel32076029ESP1365Bal
7Paris Tur Joan32014651ESP1333Bal
8Urpi Cortes Nil24505943ESP1291Bal
9Bagur Bosch Francesc24554014ESP0Bal
10Calbet Escandell Jordi32014619ESP0Bal