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Torneio de Xadrez Rápido - CX SCS - 02 05 2015

Last update 24.05.2015 06:24:25, Creator/Last Upload: jas70

Starting rank

1Alvaro HarnsBRA2000Cx Scs
2CamachoBRA2033Cx Scs
3Danilo CunhaBRA2157Cx Scs
4Douglas JenBRA2088Cx Scs
5Edgard PalaikisBRA2026Cx Scs
6Evandro SilvestreBRA1976Cx Scs
7Felipe CordeiroBRA2108Cx Scs
8GalletiBRA2011Cx Scs
9Jorge FernandesBRA2009Cx Scs
10Jose Antonio2141744BRA2028Cx Scs
11Jose FernandesBRA2000Cx Scs
12Kelson KleberBRA2070Cx Scs
13Luciano XavierBRA2000Cx Scs
14MarazBRA1947Cx Scs
15Paulo OliveiraBRA2000Cx Scs
16Paulo GiachiniBRA1973Cx Scs
17Pedro AntonioBRA2000Cx Scs
18Rafael LioiBRA2047Cx Scs
19Tales DohaniBRA2284Cx Scs
20Tiago Henrique2106396BRA2155Cx Scs
21Vinicius LucioBRA2000Cx Scs