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IRT Semifinal campeonato argentino amateur

Last update 24.05.2015 22:42:38, Creator/Last Upload: asociacion cordobesa de ajedrez acda

Starting rank

1Calderon Luciano122432ARG1807
2moyano marco138924ARG1800
3cattaneo diego sebastian150550ARG1794
4soto carlos138967ARG1755
5Pavignano mauricio136247ARG1731
6Schulz samuel151718ARG1330
7Ramos Gabriel122440ARG0
8Rein PedroARG0
9San sebastian ezequiel140465ARG0
10azcona juan jose114944ARG0
11moreno hector143006ARG0
12riesenberg ricardoARG0
13schwindt martin143120ARG0
14sosa cristian150576ARG0