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Last update 29.05.2015 22:58:19, Creator/Last Upload: rogério kester

Starting rank

1Amaral Caluache Silvestre110086BRA1954Cacoal/Ro
2Larga Carlos Eduardo Dos Cinta110384BRA1914Cacoal/Ro
3Mariano Kawan Da Costa110131BRA1882Cacoal/Ro
4Pereira Gustavo Ledo110102BRA1863Cacoal/Ro
5De Souza Vitor Bruno110901BRA1852Cacoal/Ro
6Da Silva Douglas Antunes110093BRA1827Cacoal/Ro
7Barbosa Rafael Mitsuzo Yamada110653BRA1822Cacoal/Ro
8Gomes Davi Augusto Da Silva110097BRA1822Cacoal/Ro
9Valbuza Ismael Vinicios Freita110141BRA1819Cacoal/Ro
10Fantin Luis Gustavo Mundel110095BRA1816Cacoal/Ro
11Silva Lucas Vinicius Costa110610BRA1808Cacoal/Ro
12Cavaneze Robson Matheus Cabral110143BRA1807Cacoal/Ro
13Benevides João Victor MendesBRA1800Cacoal/RO
14Duarte Gabriel GomesBRA1800Cacoal/RO
15Kempim Thiago Henrique Silva110426BRA1800Cacoal/Ro
16Lima Felipe Costa110713BRA1800Cacoal/Ro
17Lima Filipe Buss110427BRA1800Cacoal/Ro
18Lima Thierry Henrique do NascimentoBRA1800Cacoal/RO
19Martins Leandro LimaBRA1800Cacoal/RO
20Montes Ivan KareiBRA1800Cacoal/RO
21Morais Higor PintoBRA1800Cacoal/RO
22Moratelli Julio Cesar RamosBRA1800Cacoal/RO
23Pereira Mateus Alves110493BRA1800Cacoal/Ro
24Pozzer Matheus Leandro Fonseca E.BRA1800Cacoal/RO
25Rodrigues Walisson Henrick AssunçãoBRA1800Cacoal/RO
26Sandi Cauã da SilvaBRA1800Cacoal/RO
27Santos Thiago ValverdeBRA1800Cacoal/RO
28Tesche Matheus LeiteBRA1800Cacoal/RO
29Xavier Murilo Rodrigues CordeiroBRA1800Cacoal/RO
30da Silva Kalison do NascimentoBRA1800Cacoal/RO
31de Oliveira Laercio Henrique SilvaBRA1800Cacoal/RO
32de Oliveira Luis Felipe AlvesBRA1800Cacoal/RO
33de Souza Guilherme A. FleglerBRA1800Cacoal/RO
34Rodrigues Davidson Assunçao110136BRA1799Cacoal/Ro
35Soares Cleverton Diego110477BRA1799Cacoal/Ro
36Da Silva Adriel Correia110598BRA1789Cacoal/Ro
37Da Silva Andrew Genuino110092BRA1787Cacoal/Ro
38Silva Gabriel U. Da Costa110432BRA1781Cacoal/Ro
39Dos Santos Higor Vinicius C.110424BRA1775Cacoal/Ro
40Gutierres Filho Laerte Agulhar110537BRA1773Cacoal/Ro
41Borth Lucas Henrique Alves110089BRA1763Cacoal/Ro
42Vieira Kauet Winike Silva110142BRA1756Cacoal/Ro
43Cavaneze Robson Gabriel Cabral110500BRA1751Cacoal/Ro