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NÖ - Jugendlandesmeisterschaft 2004 U18

Last update 16.05.2004 15:52:12, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

1Zojer ThomasAUT1938Sgm Triestingtal
8Zojer StefanAUT1902Sgm Triestingtal
3Filip DanielAUT1845Sk Voesendorf
2Medetz MarkusAUT1520Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
7Petermichl PascalAUT1467Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
4Ruh ThomasAUT1414Sk St.poelten
5Bauer ChristophAUT1404Sgm Triestingtal
6Haas BernhardAUT1404Sk Voesendorf