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NÖ - Jugendlandesmeisterschaft 2004 U16

Last update 16.05.2004 15:52:12, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

8Schweinberger MartinAUT1942Vhs Poysdorf
1Wolfram DominikAUT1884Vhs Poysdorf
6Sadilek PeterAUT1864Wolkersdorf
4Wagner StefanAUT1761Sgm Litschau-Eisgarn
2Xia ZhengguangAUT1510SV Bisamberg
5Weissenboeck GeorgAUT1505Sgm Poechlarn-Krummnussb.
3Kreuzeder MariusAUT1450Sk St.Poelten
7Reinwald PatrickAUT1419SV Bisamberg