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2015 Capablanca Prestige RR - IM Norm Section

Last update 03.05.2015 19:45:15, Creator: south african chess fed. (licence 1),Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 98)

Starting rank list of players

5IMMakoto Rodwell11000120ZIM23670
2IMBwalya Gillan8700257ZAM23440
4WGMToma Katarzyna1119907POL22920
1IMMwali Chitumbo8700265ZAM22900
9IMChumfwa Kelvin8700435ZAM22710
7Ovcina Dennis14300460RSA22280
8Van Rensburg Ryan Pierre14301261RSA21940
6Anderson Gavin14309416RSA21710
3Zitha Ll14301172RSA21480
10FMSolomons Deon14300044RSA21380
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