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Lucky Dino Malta A

Last update 26.05.2015 19:04:06, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1IMEkstroem Roland1302302SUI2395
2Kaim Piotr1101692POL2218
3FMBelotelov Dmitriy4123611RUS2189
4Tworzydlo Piotr1130781POL2116
5Wheldon Philip407402ENG2109
6Linden Lari504920FIN2095
7Helving Yuval2803224ISR2093
8CMSchmitz Andreas A4609875GER2090
9Logallo Claudio813885ITA2085
10Oliveira Carlos A R1903217POR2081
11Melich Jindrich305758CZE2074
12Stanciu Tiberiu-Petre1215655ROU2069
13CMVella Duncan5600243MLT2052
14Pronin Vladimir4125487RUS2047
15Groh Jiri304557CZE2035
16O`Donoghue Denis2501880IRL2011
17Beulertz Stefan5600740MLT2005
18Lawson Dominic426199ENG1980
19Bielby Paul R429864ENG1953
20Kaehler Arne12909084GER1943
21Said Oliver5600405MLT1942
22WFMSchmitz Manuela4626001GER1926
23Hermes Geoff R423254ENG1918
24Tzouvelekis Ioannis4211022GRE1910
25Crnkovic Predrag975362SRB1875