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Hong Kong Chess Championship 2015 Finals

Last update 24.06.2015 17:30:48, Creator/Last Upload: hong kong chess federation


Round 1 on 2015/03/16 at 1830
111834Wong Joseph Chun-him0 - 1Chan Chak Man186412
221908Lai Robin- - +Masters Christopher185411
331835Parrott Laurence1 - 0Luk Luen Wah209510
441873Borigas Edwin0 - 1Tsang Hon Ki20729
551952Wong Brian0 - 1Pardino Muniz Alberto20708
661678Oh Benjamin0 - 1Chong Chor Yuen20347
Round 2 on 2015/03/23 at 1830
1121864Chan Chak Man0 - 1Chong Chor Yuen20347
282070Pardino Muniz Alberto1 - 0Oh Benjamin16786
392072Tsang Hon Ki1 - 0Wong Brian19525
4102095Luk Luen Wah1 - 0Borigas Edwin18734
5111854Masters Christopher½ - ½Parrott Laurence18353
611834Wong Joseph Chun-him1 - 0Lai Robin19082
Round 3 on 2015/03/30 at 1830
121908Lai Robin1 - 0Chan Chak Man186412
231835Parrott Laurence0 - 1Wong Joseph Chun-him18341
341873Borigas Edwin0 - 1Masters Christopher185411
451952Wong Brian1 - 0Luk Luen Wah209510
561678Oh Benjamin0 - 1Tsang Hon Ki20729
672034Chong Chor Yuen½ - ½Pardino Muniz Alberto20708
Round 4 on 2015/04/20 at 1830
1121864Chan Chak Man0 - 1Pardino Muniz Alberto20708
292072Tsang Hon Ki0 - 1Chong Chor Yuen20347
3102095Luk Luen Wah1 - 0Oh Benjamin16786
4111854Masters Christopher0 - 1Wong Brian19525
511834Wong Joseph Chun-him- - +Borigas Edwin18734
621908Lai Robin+ - -Parrott Laurence18353
Round 5 on 2015/04/23 at 1830
131835Parrott Laurence0 - 1Chan Chak Man186412
241873Borigas Edwin1 - 0Lai Robin19082
351952Wong Brian1 - 0Wong Joseph Chun-him18341
461678Oh Benjamin1 - 0Masters Christopher185411
572034Chong Chor Yuen1 - 0Luk Luen Wah209510
682070Pardino Muniz Alberto- - +Tsang Hon Ki20729
Round 6 on 2015/04/27 at 1830
1121864Chan Chak Man- - +Tsang Hon Ki20729
2102095Luk Luen Wah0 - 1Pardino Muniz Alberto20708
3111854Masters Christopher½ - ½Chong Chor Yuen20347
411834Wong Joseph Chun-him1 - 0Oh Benjamin16786
521908Lai Robin0 - 1Wong Brian19525
631835Parrott Laurence1 - 0Borigas Edwin18734
Round 7 on 2015/05/04 at 1830
141873Borigas Edwin1 - 0Chan Chak Man186412
251952Wong Brian1 - 0Parrott Laurence18353
361678Oh Benjamin0 - 1Lai Robin19082
472034Chong Chor Yuen1 - 0Wong Joseph Chun-him18341
582070Pardino Muniz Alberto1 - 0Masters Christopher185411
692072Tsang Hon Ki½ - ½Luk Luen Wah209510
Round 8 on 2015/05/11 at 1830
1121864Chan Chak Man0 - 1Luk Luen Wah209510
2111854Masters Christopher0 - 1Tsang Hon Ki20729
311834Wong Joseph Chun-him+ - -Pardino Muniz Alberto20708
421908Lai Robin1 - 0Chong Chor Yuen20347
531835Parrott Laurence+ - -Oh Benjamin16786
641873Borigas Edwin1 - 0Wong Brian19525
Round 9 on 2015/05/18 at 1830
151952Wong Brian1 - 0Chan Chak Man186412
261678Oh Benjamin0 - 1Borigas Edwin18734
372034Chong Chor Yuen0 - 1Parrott Laurence18353
482070Pardino Muniz Alberto1 - 0Lai Robin19082
592072Tsang Hon Ki1 - 0Wong Joseph Chun-him18341
6102095Luk Luen Wah0 - 1Masters Christopher185411
Round 10 on 2015/06/01 at 1830
1121864Chan Chak Man½ - ½Masters Christopher185411
211834Wong Joseph Chun-him0 - 1Luk Luen Wah209510
321908Lai Robin½ - ½Tsang Hon Ki20729
431835Parrott Laurence+ - -Pardino Muniz Alberto20708
541873Borigas Edwin1 - 0Chong Chor Yuen20347
651952Wong Brian1 - 0Oh Benjamin16786
Round 11 on 2015/06/08 at 1830
161678Oh Benjamin½ - ½Chan Chak Man186412
272034Chong Chor Yuen0 - 1Wong Brian19525
382070Pardino Muniz Alberto- - +Borigas Edwin18734
492072Tsang Hon Ki½ - ½Parrott Laurence18353
5102095Luk Luen Wah½ - ½Lai Robin19082
6111854Masters Christopher½ - ½Wong Joseph Chun-him18341