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One Shot 9

Last update 22.03.2015 20:32:04, Creator/Last Upload: xavier rubini

Starting rank

1Vlachos Anatole611875FRA2146
2Albaric Etienne20663684FRA2029
3Sebag Joel20696957FRA1848
4Aron-Samuel Emmanuel637874FRA1776
5Drazdzewski Lukasz1156535POL1768
6Debouzie Sylvain36096512FRA1755
7Bounehas Halim7901208ALG1728
8Billot Daniel618004FRA1725
9Joussim Philippe639117FRA1686
10Barzilay Marianne686891FRA1609
11Louka Christophe26040581FRA1273
12Manet Francois26003244FRA1159
13Hadid Paul12517534FRA1099
14Bertin Victor653420FRA1009