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5th HDBank Cup International Open Chess tournament 2015

Last update 22.03.2015 07:18:58, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Player overview for INA

36FMPitra Andika2310INA1110½010½5,0252028,60

Results of the last round for INA

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Vo Dai Hoai Duc2195 ½ - ½ FMPitra Andika2310

Player details for INA

FM Pitra Andika 2310 INA Rp:2424 Pts. 5,0
176WCMNguyen Ngoc Thuy Trang1841VIE3,5s 10,890,11202,20
217IMNguyen Van Huy2452VIE5,5w 10,310,692013,80
314IMTran Tuan Minh2455VIE5,5w 10,310,692013,80
41GMLi Chao2721CHN6,5s 00,11-0,1120-2,20
522WGMKaravade Eesha2405IND5,0w ½0,370,13202,60
618GMTorre Eugenio2449PHI6,0s 00,31-0,3120-6,20
713IMDiu Viacheslav2457RUS4,0s 10,300,702014,00
815WGMPadmini Rout2454IND5,5w 00,31-0,3120-6,20
952Vo Dai Hoai Duc2195VIE5,0s ½0,66-0,1620-3,20
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