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Campeonato Distrital de Jovens Rápidas AXSetubal 2014/2015 - Sub10

Last update 01.03.2015 19:21:01, Creator/Last Upload: Portuguese Chess Federation (Licence 30)

Starting rank

1Azevedo BeatrizPOR0Independente Fc Torrense
2Ershov André Alexandre1946021POR0Independente Fc Torrense
3Feijão Gabriel Antunes1942417POR0Fc Barreirense
4Fernandes LianePOR0Independente Fc Torrense
5Foquim Lucas Alexandré MartinPOR0Fc Barreirense
6Komarnystka Veronika1946714POR0Independente Fc Torrense
7Loureiro Rodrigo JustoPOR0Santoantoniense Fc
8Matos Catarina Bastos Dias1935259POR0Santoantoniense Fc
9Nunes Aaron Patrick CostaPOR0Independente Fc Torrense
10Rodrigues Simão Tempêro Olive1947290POR0Independente Fc Torrense
11Santos Pedro Miguel Faleiro1946749POR0Fc Barreirense
12Victorino Diogo Filipe Pinto1941933POR0Santoantoniense Fc
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