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ST-Kvik 2015

Last update 21.02.2015 16:32:12, Creator/Last Upload: olavur simonsen

Starting rank

1Nielsen Høgni EgilstoftFAI2274
2Nielsen Rógvi EgilstoftFAI2252
3Samuelsen Carl Eli NolsøeFAI2146
4Nielsen TorkilFAI2102
5Olsen RógviFAI1733
6Petersen GuttiFAI1613
7Petersen HjaltiFAI1560
8Túvuvølli Jákup A avFAI1528
9Debes IngolfFAI1494
10Joensen HelgiFAI1494
11Finnsson Eli W.FAI1492
12Petersen Helgi LFAI1409
13Joensen Hans DánialFAI1389
14Joensen SigurdFAI1327
15Nielsen AllanFAI1322
16Petersen TorkilFAI1293
17Nielsen Jón í HorniFAI1206
18Nielsen Suni í HorniFAI1000
19Nattestad JónatanFAI0
20Ravnsfjall OddmarFAI0