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Skákþing Hugins 2015 Norðursvæði

Last update 16.04.2015 21:27:55, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Starting rank

1Halldorsson Hjorleifur2303647ISL18900SA
2Sigurdsson Smari2304210ISL18801775Huginn
3Sigurdsson Jakob Saevar2303850ISL18080Huginn
4Isleifsson Runar2305917ISL18050Huginn
5Adalsteinsson Hermann2300591ISL16491342Huginn
6Vidarsson Hlynur Snaer2308924ISL13991090Huginn
7Akason Aevar2307090ISL00Huginn
8Asmundsson Sigurbjorn2305437ISL00Huginn
9Hermannsson Jon Adalsteinn2311127ISL00Huginn
10Olgeirsson Armann2303957ISL00Huginn
11Rees Sam2314606ISL00Huginn
12Unnsteinsson Asgeir IngiISL00Huginn
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