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Moscow-Open 2015 F

Last update 08.02.2015 14:07:49, Creator/Last Upload: moscow chess federation

Starting rank list of players

8GMDubov Daniil24126055RUS2632
2GMTer-Sahakyan Samvel13302531ARM2580
6GMBelous Vladimir4174003RUS2577
10Predke Alexandr24107581RUS2537
7IMBortnyk Olexandr14120828UKR2533
3IMSadzikowski Daniel1132253POL2496
5GMBajarani Ulvi13403028AZE2494
9IMYuffa Daniil24131423RUS2469
4IMVavulin Maksim4169530RUS2453
1IMParavyan David4194985RUS2435