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Last update 01.01.2015 12:18:54, Creator/Last Upload: fédération mauritanienne des échecs

Starting rank

1FMBoydia Sidi19600100MTN2097
2CMHemam Moulaye Brahim19600054MTN2047
3CMTaleb Mohamed Ahmed19600038MTN2012
4Sabar Ethmane Daouda19600097MTN1976
5Ahmed El Bechir Mohamedou19600062MTN1741
6Cheiguer Mohamed Abdellahi19601034MTN0
7Mohamed Salem Ahmed19601123MTN0
8Abdallahi Med Mahmoud19600615MTN0
9Abdel Mounime Mohamed YahyaMTN0
10Abidine Ahmed SalemMTN0
11Ahmed Val Ahmedou19600364MTN0
12Baba Saad Bouh1960137MTN0
13Bellal Teyeb19601131MTN0
14Chighali Cheikh Tijani19600909MTN0
15Ebnou Sidahmed19601182MTN0
16Eyaha Abdallahi19600402MTN0
17Hassen Ahmed AbdellrahmanMTN0
18Khlil MohamedouMTN0
19Melainine Ahmed Ammou19601271MTN0
20Mohamed NdidiMTN0
21Mohamed Ould JedouMTN0
22Mohamed Vall Mohamed Mahmoud19600917MTN0
23Sidi mohamed BahiMTN0
24mohamed Lemin MohamedMTN0