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8. umfar byrjar kl. 14.00


Last update 07.04.2015 00:31:51, Creator/Last Upload: olavur simonsen

Starting rank list of players

10Nielsen Hogni Egilstoft7200404FAI23732311
4Nielsen Rogvi Egilstoft7200447FAI22952276
6Poulsen Martin7200315FAI22742218
8Simonsen Olavur7200196FAI22052174
1Nolsoe Eydun7200218FAI21942164
9Simonsen Hans Kristian7200439FAI21282066
2Vang Finnbjorn7200463FAI20592044
7Hansen Herluf7200200FAI20361992
5Jacobsen Heidrikur T.7200340FAI19401851
3Danielsen Andrias7201893FAI18611745