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Trofeul CENTROCOOP - editia a XXI-a A

Last update 06.09.2008 08:02:16, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Craciun Ovidiu2069ROU 52w1 15b1 3w1 7b0 14w½ 8b1 21w1 20b1 6w17,50,038,540,25
2Biro Sandor2305ROU 18b1 35w1 42b½ 29w1 5b½ 3w1 6b½ 7b1 4w½7,00,039,538,75
3WGMWagener Anna2243LUX 38b1 33w1 1b0 42w1 31b1 2b0 28w1 8b1 7w17,00,036,533,50
4Ciornei Dragos2202GER 44w½ 58b1 43w½ 25b1 21w1 7b½ 14w1 6w1 2b½7,00,033,533,25
5FMTitu Maiorescu Dorin2249ROU 10w1 30b1 20w1 6b0 2w½ 27b1 7w0 17b1 14w16,50,038,534,50
6CMDamian Pavel2001ROU 24b1 11w1 13b1 5w1 7w½ 20b1 2w½ 4b0 1b06,00,043,034,50
7CMVoicu Marian Romulus2121ROU 50b1 37w1 39b1 1w1 6b½ 4w½ 5b1 2w0 3b06,00,041,532,00
8IHostiuc Daniel618ROU 27b½ 19w½ 17b1 23w1 13b1 1w0 31b1 3w0 21w16,00,037,029,75
9CMLuncasu Raul-Ionut2185ROU 46b1 17w1 29b0 27w½ 18b0 15w1 30b1 19w½ 13b16,00,034,028,75
10IUrsan Cornel-Marius1852ROU 5b0 48w1 11b1 13w0 23b1 19w0 39b1 40w1 20w16,00,034,027,00
11Salageanu Petru-Gabriel2153ROU 41w1 6b0 10w0 12w1 38b½ 44b½ 45w1 28b1 22w16,00,032,526,00
12Gurgu Bogdan401ROU 15w0 22b1 28w½ 11b0 46w½ 54b1 44w1 34w1 19b16,00,030,524,50
13CMDragomir Constantin2131ROU 45w1 25b1 6w0 10b1 8w0 17b½ 29w1 16b1 9w05,50,037,526,00
14CMGeorgescu Cristian2117ROU 60b½ 51w1 23b½ 35w1 1b½ 18w1 4b0 27w1 5b05,50,036,525,75
15IBerintan Teodora1886ROU 12b1 1w0 24b½ 37w0 39b1 9b0 58w1 29w1 30b+5,50,034,524,50
16Golban Ludmila401MDA 17b0 54w1 18b½ 34w½ 33b1 26w1 19b½ 13w0 27b15,50,033,023,75
17ILinca Ionel1903ROU 16w1 9b0 8w0 32b1 43b1 13w½ 42b1 5w0 18w½5,00,036,022,25
18ICristofor Costin1853ROU 2w0 32b1 16w½ 24b1 9w1 14b0 27w0 42w1 17b½5,00,035,524,25
19CMBardi Tiberiu2084ROU 58w½ 8b½ 46w1 49b½ 37w½ 10b1 16w½ 9b½ 12w05,00,034,523,25
20CMPuskas Janos2086ROU 47b1 53w1 5b0 38w1 29b1 6w0 37b1 1w0 10b05,00,034,518,50
21IBerintan Teodor2063ROU 51b½ 60w1 27b½ 39w1 4b0 45w1 1b0 37w1 8b05,00,033,019,00
22IAnton Alexandru Iulian1761ROU 42b0 12w0 57w1 40b1 25w1 28b0 23b1 31w1 11b05,00,032,020,00
23ITuchila Vasile2063ROU 32w1 43b½ 14w½ 8b0 10w0 47b1 22w0 45b1 37w15,00,031,519,00
24IIIJakab Janos454ROU 6w0 41b1 15w½ 18w0 47b½ 56b½ 33w1 26b½ 44w15,00,029,519,50
25CMSpanoche Ion1978ROU -1 13w0 53b1 4w0 22b0 48w½ 38b½ 50w1 40b15,00,029,517,75
26CMCovaci Stefan2050ROU 37b0 47w½ 59b+ 44b1 28w½ 16b0 43w½ 24w½ 38b15,00,029,018,25
27IUta Apolon-Ilarion2007ROU 8w½ 44b1 21w½ 9b½ 30w1 5w0 18b1 14b0 16w04,50,038,021,50
28IKaunz Werner1953ROU 57b1 42w0 12b½ 51w1 26b½ 22w1 3b0 11w0 31b½4,50,033,518,50
29IArghirescu Andrei1870ROU 61w1 40b1 9w1 2b0 20w0 42w½ 13b0 15b0 43w14,50,032,517,00
30Spitsyn Vadim2022RUS 48b1 5w0 37b½ 47w1 27b0 38w1 9w0 43b1 15w-4,50,030,516,50
31ICaldarar Mihai2081ROU 59b1 39w0 45b1 43w1 3w0 49b1 8w0 22b0 28w½4,50,029,515,25
32IPantis-Simut Nicolae-Marin762ROU 23b0 18w0 61b1 17w0 55w1 35b1 34b0 46w½ 42b+4,50,029,515,25
33IArghirescu Marius1944ROU 36w1 3b0 49w0 50b1 16w0 58b½ 24b0 39w1 48b14,50,028,515,75
34CMMitrica Octavian-Dianu2045ROU 43w0 52b½ 58w1 16b½ 54w1 37b0 32w1 12b0 36w½4,50,027,015,75
35IBuzgaru Gabriel1999ROU 56w1 2b0 50w1 14b0 45b0 32w0 48b½ 55w1 46b14,50,026,014,75
36Brinzan Danut-Ionut401ROM 33b0 46w0 -1 45w0 50b0 61b+ 54w1 41w1 34b½4,50,025,515,75
37CMRusu Daniela703ROU 26w1 7b0 30w½ 15b1 19b½ 34w1 20w0 21b0 23b04,00,034,519,00
38IVacar Gligore1848ROU 3w0 56b1 40w1 20b0 11w½ 30b0 25w½ 49b1 26w04,00,032,015,25
39Ciubotariu Maricel401ROU 55w1 31b1 7w0 21b0 15w0 46b1 10w0 33b0 54w14,00,031,514,00
40CMOlteanu Florentin2152ROU 54b1 29w0 38b0 22w0 52b1 50w+ 49w1 10b0 25w04,00,028,513,50
41IZamora Aurel1795ROU 11b0 24w0 48b0 57w1 53w1 43b0 56w1 36b0 47b14,00,024,511,50
42IVrabiescu Emanuel-Ion2117ROU 22w1 28b1 2w½ 3b0 49w½ 29b½ 17w0 18b0 32w-3,50,035,017,00
43IGologan Octavian-Eugeniu640ROU 34b1 23w½ 4b½ 31b0 17w0 41w1 26b½ 30w0 29b03,50,033,016,75
44ISandru Nicolae1845ROU 4b½ 27w0 60b+ 26w0 51b1 11w½ 12b0 48w½ 24b03,50,033,015,75
45IIPopescu Bogdan-Constantin1780ROU 13b0 57w+ 31w0 36b1 35w1 21b0 11b0 23w0 52w½3,50,031,512,25
46IMile Ioan-Francisc1839ROU 9w0 36b1 19b0 48w½ 12b½ 39w0 52w1 32b½ 35w03,50,030,513,75
47IRosca Grigore1737ROU 20w0 26b½ 52w1 30b0 24w½ 23w0 55b½ 51b1 41w03,50,030,513,25
48IBercea Valeriu628ROU 30w0 10b0 41w1 46b½ 58w½ 25b½ 35w½ 44b½ 33w03,50,029,013,00
49ITomciuc Eduard-Razvan1062ROU 53b- -1 33b1 19w½ 42b½ 31w0 40b0 38w0 50b½3,50,027,510,75
50CMIbraim Cadri1778ROU 7w0 61b+ 35b0 33w0 36w1 40b- 53b1 25b0 49w½3,50,027,59,75
51IAndries Eugen780ROU 21w½ 14b0 55w1 28b0 44w0 52b0 57b1 47w0 58b13,50,025,010,50
52IDumitrescu Paul1532ROU 1b0 34w½ 47b0 55b½ 40w0 51w1 46b0 61w1 45b½3,50,024,510,75
53Fratila Gheorghe600ROU 49w+ 20b0 25w0 54w0 41b0 59w1 50w0 56b½ 61b+3,50,023,510,00
54IIacob Constantin1785ROU 40w0 16b0 56w1 53b1 34b0 12w0 36b0 58w1 39b03,00,026,58,00
55Wagener Christophe1926LUX 39b0 59w½ 51b0 52w½ 32b0 57w1 47w½ 35b0 56w½3,00,024,59,00
56IRotaru Radu-Gabriel407ROU 35b0 38w0 54b0 61w1 59b½ 24w½ 41b0 53w½ 55b½3,00,024,08,75
57Axinte Vasile401ROU 28w0 45b- 22b0 41b0 61w1 55b0 51w0 59b+ 59b+3,00,022,58,00
58Boehm Manfred1735GER 19b½ 4w0 34b0 59w1 48b½ 33w½ 15b0 54b0 51w02,50,029,09,50
59IDancanet Vlad1652ROU 31w0 55b½ 26w- 58b0 56w½ 53b0 61b½ 57w- 57w-1,50,020,04,00
60Trancan Mihai-Adrian401ROU 14w½ 21b0 44w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,50,029,02,75
61Paun Octavian401ROU 29b0 50w- 32w0 56b0 57b0 36w- 59w½ 52b0 53w-0,50,020,01,50

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger Tie-Break (with modified points, analogous to Buchholz Tie-Break)

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