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Ukraine Men's Final -2014

Last update 22.11.2014 16:14:03, Creator/Last Upload: oleg tovchyga

Starting rank list of players

3GMIvanchuk Vassily14100010UKR2726
11GMEljanov Pavel14102951UKR2719
5GMPonomariov Ruslan14103320UKR2711
10GMKryvoruchko Yuriy14109182UKR2706
12GMMoiseenko Alexander14102560UKR2701
9GMKorobov Anton14105730UKR2680
7GMKuzubov Yuriy14112906UKR2661
8GMAreshchenko Alexander14109530UKR2655
6IMBogdanovich Stanislav14115298UKR2590
4GMZubarev Alexander14104385UKR2588
1GMZubov Alexander14109409UKR2588
2GMKovchan Alexander14103052UKR2585