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Championnat Régional de Nouadhibou 2014

Last update 24.10.2014 23:09:37, Creator/Last Upload: fédération mauritanienne des échecs

Starting rank

1Mohamedou Ahd ElbechirMTN1822
2Ishagh HarounMTN1762
3Ely TonsyMTN1698
4Med Lem HadouMTN1645
5Med Mahmoud SidoumouMTN1641
6Ghoulam HamadaMTN1634
7Elwely Med AlyMTN1606
8Sidi Ali AhmedMTN1549
9Ahmed baba Ahd YaccoubMTN0
10Alioun MbareckMTN0
11Emine khaymakMTN0
12Mohamed BeyeyMTN0