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3eme Open Blitz de Nouadhibou

Last update 20.09.2014 17:44:24, Creator/Last Upload: fédération mauritanienne des échecs

Starting rank list of players

1Sidi BoydiaMTN2058NKTT
2Mohamedou Ahd ElbecirMTN1894NDB
3Ishagh HarounMTN1724NKTT
4Ely TounsiMTN1695NDB
5Ghoulam Hamada DeyaMTN1670NDB
6Med Salem GhaylaniMTN1637ZTE
7Elwely Mohamed AlyMTN1627NDB
8Med Lemine EthmaneMTN1620ZTE
9Teyeb BellalMTN1600NKTT
12Mohamed BeyeyMTN1442NDB
10Mome MenkoussMTN1400ZTE
11Saleck ChenaneMTN1400ZTE