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Haustmót Taflfélags Reykjavíkur 2014 - D flokkur

Last update 21.10.2014 15:13:35, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Ulfsson Olafur Evert1430ISL 18b1 2w1 3b1 8w1 4b1 19w1 5b1 13w1 7b19,047,500,09
2Hreinsson Arnthor1295ISL 28w1 1b0 17w1 18b1 9w1 8b1 3w1 4b½ 5b½7,032,500,06
3Mai Aron Thor1274ISL 20w1 17b1 1w0 15b1 7w1 4w1 2b0 8b½ 11w16,531,250,06
4Orrason Alex Cambray1580ISL 22w1 16b1 5w1 7b1 1w0 3b0 6w1 2w½ 8b16,531,000,06
5Kjartansson Kristofer Halldor0ISL 12w1 9w1 4b0 6b0 16w1 7b1 1w0 14b1 2w½5,525,000,05
6Kristjansson Halldor Atli1307ISL 8b0 26w+ 5w1 19b0 14w1 4b0 20w1 12b15,524,000,05
7Thrastarson Tryggvi K1130ISL 15w1 11b1 13b1 4w0 3b0 5w0 23w1 9b1 1w05,023,500,05
8Luu Robert0ISL 6w1 19b1 1b0 13w+ 2w0 20b1 3w½ 4w05,023,000,04
9Magnusson Thorsteinn1241ISL 23w1 5b0 14b1 20w1 2b0 12w0 25b1 7w0 21b15,016,000,05
10Olafsson Bjarki0ISL 14w0 23b0 27b- 21b1 27w1 22b½ 18w1 16b15,016,000,04
11Mai Alexander0ISL 27w1 7w0 18b- 17b0 24b1 22w1 18w1 15b+ 3b05,015,500,05
12Kristbergsson Bjorgvin1181ISL 5b0 23w½ 21w1 9b1 15w0 19b1 6w04,519,500,03
13Unnsteinsson Oddur Thor1207ISL 26b1 7w0 23b1 8b- 16w1 19b+ 1b0 15w-4,518,500,04
14Kristofersson Sindri Snaer0ISL 10b1 9w0 19w0 26b+ 6b0 24b+ 5w0 20b+4,516,000,04
15Lemery Jon Thor0ISL 7b0 27b1 22w1 3w0 17b1 20w½ 12b1 11w- 13b-4,513,750,04
16Birkisdottir Freyja0ISL 25w1 4w0 20b0 24w1 5b0 13b0 17w1 23b1 10w04,012,501,04
17Bjarnthorsson Alexander Mar0ISL 24b1 3w0 2b0 11w1 15w0 23b0 16b0 27w1 25w+4,012,500,04
18Bjornsson Alexander0ISL 1w0 25b1 11w+ 2w0 23w½ 11b0 10b0 19w+4,011,500,03
19Jacobsen Odinn Orn0ISL 21b1 8w0 14b1 6w1 1b0 13w- 12w0 18b-3,514,250,03
20Heidarsson Arnar0ISL 3b0 28b+ 16w1 9b0 22w1 15b½ 8w0 6b0 14w-3,513,750,03
21Olafsson Arnor0ISL 19w0 12b0 26w- 10w0 24w1 27b1 22b1 9w03,59,500,03
22Bjarnthorsson Gabriel Saer0ISL 4b0 24w1 15b0 25w1 20b0 11b0 10w½ 21w0 27b13,59,250,03
23Jonsson Thorsteinn Emil1000ISL 9b0 12b½ 10w1 13w0 18b½ 17w1 7b0 16w0 24b03,012,750,02
24Skulason Vignir0ISL 17w0 22b0 27w1 16b0 11w0 21b0 14w- 25b1 23w13,06,000,03
25Omarsson Adam0ISL 16b0 18w0 -1 22b0 27b1 26w+ 9w0 24w0 17b-3,05,500,02
26Torfason Mikael Maron0ISL 13w0 6b- 21b+ 14w- 25b- -0 -0 -01,56,000,01
27Arnar Otto Bjarki0ISL 11b0 15w0 24b0 10w+ 25w0 10b0 21w0 17b0 22w01,00,500,01
28Sveinsson Haukur1261ISL 2b0 20w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,000,00

Tie Break1: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break2: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories