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Tartu Suvi Blitz Tournament Tartu, 08.06. 2014

Last update 09.06.2014 06:40:28, Creator/Last Upload: eesti maleliit

Player info

NameLeetna Hemely
Starting rank41
Rating national1275
Rating international0
Performance rating1237
Club/CityTartu Kalev
Year of birth 2003


11919Pietinen Pekka1983FIN11,5s 0
21919Pietinen Pekka1983FIN11,5w 0
31931Pedoson Georg Aleksander1703EST13,0s 0
41931Pedoson Georg Aleksander1703EST13,0w 0
5212Kukk Sander2300EST14,5w 0
6212Kukk Sander2300EST14,5s 0
72343Karro Adeliis0EST1,5w ½
82343Karro Adeliis0EST1,5s ½
92237Povvat Aalo1540EST7,0s ½
102237Povvat Aalo1540EST7,0w ½
112240Hannus Lola1362EST- - -3,0w 1
122240Hannus Lola1362EST- - -3,0s 1
132135Salupere Silvi1563EST10,0s 0
142135Salupere Silvi1563EST10,0w 0
152344Khureltogoo Byuruuzana0MGL9,0w 0
162344Khureltogoo Byuruuzana0MGL9,0s 0
172034Leetna Christopher1598ESTTartu Kalev9,0s 0
182034Leetna Christopher1598ESTTartu Kalev9,0w 0
192345Oidjärv Hans0EST8,0w 0
202345Oidjärv Hans0EST8,0s 0
212339Tiisler Ander1439EST9,5s 0
222339Tiisler Ander1439EST9,5w 0