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Tartu Suvi Blitz Tournament Tartu, 08.06. 2014

Last update 09.06.2014 06:40:28, Creator/Last Upload: eesti maleliit

Player info

NameLeetna Lembit
Starting rank32
Rating national0
Rating international1683
Performance rating1551
FIDE rtg +/--12,0


11010Grosberg Martin2129EST11,5w 0
21010Grosberg Martin2129EST11,5s ½
31426Serk Ants1800EST11,0s 0
41426Serk Ants1800EST11,0w 0
52042Givchak Vladimir0RUS9,0s ½
62042Givchak Vladimir0RUS9,0w ½
72138Rebane Ralf Aron1481EST10,0w 0
82138Rebane Ralf Aron1481EST10,0s ½
92144Khureltogoo Byuruuzana0MGL9,0w 1
102144Khureltogoo Byuruuzana0MGL9,0s 1
111418Pritulina Svetlana1986EST11,5s 0
121418Pritulina Svetlana1986EST11,5w 0
132039Tiisler Ander1439EST9,5s 1
142039Tiisler Ander1439EST9,5w ½
151834Leetna Christopher1598ESTTartu Kalev9,0w ½
161834Leetna Christopher1598ESTTartu Kalev9,0s ½
171936Maasik Liisa1553EST10,0w ½
181936Maasik Liisa1553EST10,0s ½
191721Puroila Sippo1935FIN11,5s 0
201721Puroila Sippo1935FIN11,5w ½
211937Povvat Aalo1540EST7,0w 1
221937Povvat Aalo1540EST7,0s 1