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Tartu Suvi Blitz Tournament Tartu, 08.06. 2014

Last update 09.06.2014 06:40:28, Creator/Last Upload: eesti maleliit

Player info

NameGrosberg Martin
Starting rank10
Rating national0
Rating international2129
Performance rating1825
FIDE rtg +/--98,0
Year of birth 1992


11032Leetna Lembit1683EST10,0s 1
21032Leetna Lembit1683EST10,0w ½
31046Shipunov Illya0UKR11,5s 1
41046Shipunov Illya0UKR11,5w ½
5516Wilen Eero1998FIN12,5w 1
6516Wilen Eero1998FIN12,5s 1
727Rusov Valery2168RUS15,0w 0
827Rusov Valery2168RUS15,0s 0
9831Pedoson Georg Aleksander1703EST13,0s ½
10831Pedoson Georg Aleksander1703EST13,0w ½
11825Trohhelev Boris1801EST12,5w 0
12825Trohhelev Boris1801EST12,5s ½
13913Zigailov Sergei2030EST11,0s ½
14913Zigailov Sergei2030EST11,0w ½
151129Shukis Viktor1722EST11,0w ½
161129Shukis Viktor1722EST11,0s ½
1799Kool Lauri2141EST13,0s 0
1899Kool Lauri2141EST13,0w 0
191534Leetna Christopher1598ESTTartu Kalev9,0w 1
201534Leetna Christopher1598ESTTartu Kalev9,0s 1
211111Abdulaev Albert2082RUS11,5s ½
221111Abdulaev Albert2082RUS11,5w ½