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Ping pong 30/05/14 JuegoCiencia - FASGBA

Last update 31.05.2014 03:06:14, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

Starting rank

1Molini RodrigoARG2392
2Cardozo LucasARG2322
3Morelli NicolásARG2246
4Ramos Veliz QuimeyARG2212
5Roque FernandoARG2189
6Zelada GonzaloARG2117
7Curotto NicolasARG2105
8Nesich Juan PabloARG2104
9Lopez FernandoARG2092
10Ezcurra MarianoARG2049
11WFMStrgacich AylenARG2035
12Gomez EzequielARG2014
13Cappello FaustoARG1996
14Liendo JoaquínARG1996
15Re MarianoARG1970
16Besozzi MariaARG1899
17Mancuso FranciscoARG1800
18Palomares LujanARG1800