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Final Escolar 2104 Benjamin

Last update 01.06.2014 00:23:06, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 367)

Starting rank list of players

9Barea Arranz PabloESP0A. Parquesol
10Fernandez Rodriguez JorgeESP0Trebejos
5Garcia Garcia DavidESP0Promesas
2Garnacho Cubero IvanESP0Portillo
4Martin Gonzalez CristinaESP0Trebejos
3Martinez Iglesias PabloESP0A. Rondilla
1Monchaux Bittebiere GabinESP0Tierno Galvan
6Olmedo Benito JaimeESP0Trebejos
8Torrego Diez IgnacioESP0C. Internacional
7Vallejo Sierra JavierESP0Olmedo