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HCA - 40th Bhiwani Distt. U-13 (Mixed) Chess Championship 24 - 25 May 2014 {Online Registration @}

Last update 25.05.2014 09:15:36, Creator/Last Upload: chess association of india, lucknow

Starting rank

2Ajay (Aryans)HCA0
3Ajit (Aryans)HCA0
4Aman (Aryans)HCA0
5Ananya, WHCA0
6Anjali, WHCA0
7Ankit DhawanHCA0
8Ankit Phogat (Vardhman)HCA0
9Annu, WHCA0
10Annu, WHCA0
11Annushree, WHCA0
12Anu, WHCA0
13Anurag (Aryans)HCA0
14Atul (Aryans)HCA0
15Bharti-1, WHCA0
16Bharti-2, WHCA0
17Bhawna, WHCA0
18Chahak, WHCA0
19Nikita, WHCA0
20Deepika, WHCA0
21Dhananjay JangraHCA0
22Dhruv Saini (Vardhman)HCA0
23Diksha, WHCA0
24Diya, WHCA0
25Garima, WHCA0
26Harsh (Aryans)HCA0
27Harsh (Vardhan)HCA0
28Harsh Saini (Vardhman)HCA0
29Harshdeep (Aryans)HCA0
30Harshit JangraHCA0
32Isha Goyal, WHCA0
34Kajal, WHCA0
35Kapil Sharma (Vardhman)HCA0
36Kaushal Vats (Vardhman)HCA0
38Khushi (Vardhman), WHCA0
39Khushi, WHCA0
40Kirti, WHCA0
41Komal, WHCA0
42Komal-1, WHCA0
43Komal-2, WHCA0
44Kritika, WHCA0
45Kusum, WHCA0
46Lavisha, WHCA0
47Laxita, WHCA0
49Manju, WHCA0
50Mayank VatsHCA0
51Mehak, WHCA0
52Mohit BansalHCA0
53Monu, WHCA0
54Muskan, WHCA0
55Naina, WHCA0
56Nancy (Vardhman), WHCA0
57Neha Soni, WHCA0
58Nikhil Arora (HSR)HCA0
59Nikhil ShiwalHCA0
61Nisha, WHCA0
62Nitu, WHCA0
63Pakhi, WHCA0
64Payal, WHCA0
65Prachi, WHCA0
66Prateek (Aryans)HCA0
67Prateek Dhillon (HSR)HCA0
68Punit Indora (HSR)HCA0
69Rahul (Aryans)HCA0
70Rahul KumarHCA0
71Rashi, WHCA0
72Rinki, WHCA0
73Rishu, WHCA0
74Ritik (Aryans)HCA0
75Ritika Jangra, WHCA0
76Sahil (Aryans)HCA0
77Saloni, WHCA0
78Sheetal (Aryans), WHCA0
79Shikha, WHCA0
81Simran, WHCA0
82Siya, WHCA0
83Snehlata (Aryans), WHCA0
84Sumit (Vardhman)HCA0
85Supriya, WHCA0
87Suraj Vats (Vardhman)HCA0
88Tannu 28-10, WHCA0
89Tannu, WHCA0
90Tanvi, WHCA0
91Tarun Sharma (Vardhman)HCA0
92Teena 2003, WHCA0
93Teena, WHCA0
94Tushar (Aryans)HCA0
95Vanshika, WHCA0
96Vidhi, WHCA0
97Vikram (Vardhman)HCA0
98Vinit, WHCA0
99Vishal (Vardhman)HCA0
100Vishal Garg (Vardhman)HCA0
101Yuvraj Singh (HSR)HCA0