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Bumbar 2014-05

Last update 21.05.2014 10:24:04, Creator/Last Upload: zvonko juras

Starting rank list of players

9Bulic JosipCRO2285
13Bulic DomagojCRO2271
3Znidarcic AndrejSLO2214
11Vidic MihaSLO2205
10Barcal AleksandarCRO2126
7Cvencek MladenCRO2028
14Kovacevic MatijaCRO2005
12Bogdanovski ZoranSLO1944
1Juras ZvonkoCRO1921
5Godnjavec FranciSLO1863
2Matic JovanCRO1822
6Milevoj CedomirCRO1811
8Kelava IvanCRO1797
4Grein BogomirSLO1715