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3rd LIS Invitational Scholastic Chess Tournament 2014

Last update 17.05.2014 21:45:50, Creator/Last Upload: talatona clube de xadrez

Starting rank

1AGUIAR JoãoANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
2AGUIAR PedroANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
3ALFREDO EdenANG1200Externato Pirilampo
4ALVES AmarildoANG1200Externato Pirilampo
5AZEVEDO GabrielANG1200Luanda International School
6BENGO LeonelANG1200Escola De Xadrez Carisma
7BIRCHWOOD DumisoANG1200Pensamento Profundo
8BIRCHWOOD ThandiweANG1200Pensamento Profundo
9BROWN JennaANG1200Luanda International School
10CHUMÁN DiegoANG1200Luanda International School
11COSKER EwanANG1200Luanda International School
12CRUZ PauloANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
13DAY JamieANG1200Luanda International School
14DE ABREU João PauloANG1200Externato Pirilampo
15ENGLISH GrantANG1200Luanda International School
16ESCÓRCIO AlexandreANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
17GALIA AaryanANG1200Luanda International School
18GANATRA HarshANG1200Luanda International School
19GARG MedhanshANG1200Luanda International School
20GOMES InêsANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
21GONÇALVES TiagoANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
22GULATI AryanANG1200Luanda International School
23HAMALALA MayaANG1200Luanda International School
24HAMALALA MutintaANG1200Luanda International School
25HENRIQUES GuilhermeANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
26HUTCHINSON JoshuaANG1200Luanda International School
27KOOIJ MaartenANG1200Luanda International School
28KOTHARI ShimanshANG1200Luanda International School
29LOURENÇO HellanyANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
30LOURENÇO HellyANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
31MAISA InezANG1200Checkala
32MARINHO RenatoANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
33MARISA GabrielANG1200Checkala
34MARTIN MilesANG1200Luanda International School
35MENGONI MartinaANG1200Luanda International School
36MIGUEL EuclidesANG1200Escola De Xadrez Carisma
37MIGUEL MargarethANG1200Escola De Xadrez Carisma
38MONDAL ShubhamANG1200Luanda International School
39MUZAMMIL IbrahimANG1200Luanda International School
40NICOLAU NicoleANG1200Checkala
41OLIVEIRA SamuelANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
42OLIVER-POULSEN ThomasANG1200Luanda International School
43OUDTSHOORN NicolasANG1200Luanda International School
44PINA FilomenaANG1200Escola De Xadrez Carisma
45PINA JoaoANG1200Escola De Xadrez Carisma
46PINTO EduardoANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
47PUNA ZAU CarlosANG1200Luanda International School
48SALOME CristobalANG1200Luanda International School
49SANTOS Rui DiogoANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
50SAYED AhmedANG1200Luanda International School
51SORONDO AgustínANG1200Luanda International School
52STROUD BrandonANG1200Luanda International School
53TEIXEIRA GabrielANG1200Luanda International School
54TEIXEIRA VictorANG1200Luanda International School
55TENÓRIO GuilhermeANG1200Colégio S. Francisco De Assis
56ZEGA SaraANG1200Checkala